[VLOG 245] The importance of teamwork…

Today at DARETOGROW we make our second hire! Can you believe that?

This is a very exciting time for DARETOGROW. As we grow, there is more content and more messages to get into the world!! And I need help to do that. I need a badass, rockstar team who get it. And these guys get it!

So, I am so excited to welcome in our newest member of the team – Amy. Please give her our usual ridiculously warm welcome in the comments.

On top of that, we have been working with some of the guys in the office here at Colony Co-working space.

Co-working spaces are awesome! In addition to weekly meditation and yoga classes (erm, wow!), we are surrounded by inspiring creatives all hungry to share their expertise. And of course, are always up for a cuppa and a biscuit (or two).

Through this, we have met more people, and had the opportunity to work on exciting projects whilst sharing our ideas and hearing new ones.

When you’re starting to build your dream, its easy to have a tight hold on your tasks and responsibilities.

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is think they’re the only one who can do a certain task. But they’re not! In fact, I bet there are people out there who can do it better.

Once you take that leap and trust in others, you can get back to growing your business.

Focus on growth…

Whilst you are making the work load easier for yourself, you free up more time to focus on other aspects of the business. In addition to that, you are offering someone the chance to be part of your vision, and share their passion with YOU.

And its the BEST feeling!

I am so excited for the next couple of years in DARETOGROW – we’re building a badass team over here.

Watch this space, expect EVEN MORE exciting things…

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