Ready to change your life and make a living doing what you love?



Open for Enrolment on 28th February – 29th March


Cohort 7 begins on 4th April. Mark your diaries! 

DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE is a 10 week online course that will teach you:

How to uncover your purpose and define your why

Specific strategies for changing your life and making your dream life you new reality

How to launch your dream business and make a living doing what you love

How to build and manage an engaged and wonderful online community

How to overcome the fears holding you back and move past them to build your dream life

How to build your own WordPress web site so you can launch your business in style!

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DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE only opens twice a year because I run it ‘live’. Whilst 90% of the content is online, I will be hosting a weekly live on Facebook every Sunday and I’ll be active every day in the course forums.


Changing your life and building your business can take years and years aof graft, trial & error and sheer determination. DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE will help you get there faster by showing you how to get your purpose-led business off the ground, how to make a living doing what you love and how to overcome the blockers holding you back.


Over a 10 week period I will take you through specific and practical strategies and techniques you can use to change your life and make a living doing what you love.

How to change your life - online course

This programme is for you, if you want to:

Uncover your purpose and find out why you're here

Set a bold and compelling new vision for your life

Find out what truly motivates you and sets your soul on fire!

You feel called to share your gift with the world

Find out what's holding you back personally and overcome those barriers

Rewrite the story of your life

Make a living doing what you love

Launch an online course, an event or a programme that sells

Learn how to market your business online

Learn how to build and update your own web site

Build a thriving and engaged online community

Make videos for social media, your web site or even make a vlog!

I will show you how to do all of this and more in DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE





How to uncover your purpose - online course with Lisa Bean

I’ll show you how to uncover your purpose and really define what you’re here to do. You’ll explore your own story, you’ll tap into the unique guidance you receive and you’ll start to identify and remove barriers holding you back in life. In this first part of the course, you’ll also learn why your brain might be sabotaging your success in business and you’ll see just how powerful your ‘state’ is when it comes to making your move in the world!

PART 2 –


Change your life - online course with Lisa Bean

Do you know that most people just focus on getting through the month? Or on making it to their next holiday? There is another way to live and that’s living a life of joy, passion and bliss. In part two of the course, you’ll set a deeply compelling vision for your life and articulate what you want to be celebrating 12 months from today, how you want to feel and what your dream life will look like. Plus, you’ll go one step further and start building powerful, life changing new rituals into your life that will change your life forever.

PART 3 –


Launch your movement - online business and marketing course

I really believe we all have the right to make a living doing what we love. Wouldn’t it be lovely to leave behind your job or business you don’t like to make a living doing what you love? I’m not promising it will be easy, or that it will happen overnight but I will show you how to do it, covering social media marketing, email marketing and my incredible method for reaching your ideal customer. We’ll even cover the self limiting beliefs that have been holding you back so you can find a way over, around or through each one to make a living doing what you love.

PART 4 –


Build your Wordpress web site - online course

How would you like to launch your very own web site…that you built! In this bonus online course I will show you how to build a fully editable, responsive website using the world’s most popular web building platform: WordPress. From building beautiful pages to adding blogs and even your own video content, I’ll show you step by step how to build and launch your own WordPress web site. This course includes one year’s free hosting.

I will show you how to do all of this and more in DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE