How to change your life and make a living doing what you love




My name’s Lisa Bean – I’m a Transformational Speaker, Writer and Coach living in Tynemouth, Newcastle. I’m here to show you how to uncover your purpose, change your life and make a living doing what you love.

06 Feb | 7 Ways to Change Your Life In 128 Seconds

Here are 7 hacks I used to change my life. 7 practical ways you can change your life instantly.


These 7 life hacks, which I still use today, got me out of a 6-year stint of depression and helped me find the energy and courage I needed to change my life and launch my dream business helping others do the same.


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How to change your life in 2018

Welcome to the DARETOGROW movement!

Through my blog, vlog and online course (Make Your Move) I’m going to show you what it really takes to uncover your purpose, change your life and make a living doing what you really love!

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To change your life you have to be willing to let go of who you are and start building who you really want to become.

My story: how did I change my life?

In June 2015, my life was a mess. I was £100,000 in debt, I was overweight and using food to comfort myself and I had severe depression. The doctors were suggesting it was time for medication. But I knew that medication wouldn’t help me. The only thing that could help me was change. Soon after that decision, three things happened that changed my life forever. Watch the video to hear my story and the question that caused me to change every single aspect of my life.

How to change your life & make

a living doing what you love…


Get honest


Give up the expectations of others and turn inwards: what do you feel driven to do? What would you love to do if you could do anything in the world? What do you want to teach others or change in the world? What would the world look like if everything were perfect…in your eyes? Start by being really honest with yourself about what YOU want.


Take full responsibility


Take full responsibility for your life – everything you are experiencing now is a result of something you did or didn’t do; did or didn’t say. When you accept that, you take full control and realise the infinite ability YOU have to change your life. Even if you don’t know ‘how’ to do it yet; accepting responsibility is the first step.


Express yourself


To live a life of passion, you must find the courage to express yourself and your ideas. Yes, it’s scary at first, I know but thought leaders have influence because they express their unique ideas, insights and ways of life and in doing so they empower others to do the same. Start small: get that hair cut, write that first blog, wear that colour. Remember, people who can change their lives go on to change the world.

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