How to change your life in 2018

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Welcome to DARETOGROW! Get ready for change! My name is Lisa Bean. I’m a Transformational Speaker and Coach, helping men and woman to uncover their purpose, change their life and make a living doing what they love.


A few years ago, crippled by depression and debt I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and I set off on a ridiculous and crazy journey to change EVERY single aspect of my life.


It took me on a wild adventure as I did what I had to in order to RECONNECT with my purpose, REWIRE my brain for happiness and BUILD a business I LOVE!


Three years on and I now make a living as a coach, as a speaker and through an online course I run twice a year. I took DARETOGROW from nothing to six figures in three years and I’d like to teach you how to do the same. Are you ready? Let’s frickin’ do this!

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Lisa is coming to London! 7th September 6pm – 10:30pm

Kickstart your journey of change at this MEGA transformational evening with Lisa Bean. In the fast paced, motivational space, set a bold and compelling vision for your life, identify the barriers holding you back and make decisions that will change your life forever.


Tickets now available for this intimate evening of transformation with the incredibly motivating and life changing speaker – Lisa Bean.

To change your life you have to be willing to let go of who you are and start building who you really want to become.


Ready for your daily dose of inspiration? Come behind the scenes as I change my life and build my business. This is DARETOGROW / The Journey:

  • In today’s vlog I have somehow managed to combine an EPIC family party (quite easily the BIGGEST you’ve ever seen), with swimming in the North Sea (oh yes, we now have WET SUITS – thank you Alic

How to change your life & make

a living doing what you love…


Get honest


Give up the expectations of others and turn inwards: what do you feel driven to do? What would you love to do if you could do anything in the world? What do you want to teach others or change in the world? What would the world look like if everything were perfect…in your eyes? Start by being really honest with yourself about what YOU want.


Take full responsibility


Take full responsibility for your life – everything you are experiencing now is a result of something you did or didn’t do; did or didn’t say. When you accept that, you take full control and realise the infinite ability YOU have to change your life. Even if you don’t know ‘how’ to do it yet; accepting responsibility is the first step.


Express yourself


To live a life of passion, you must find the courage to express yourself and your ideas. Yes, it’s scary at first, I know but thought leaders have influence because they express their unique ideas, insights and ways of life and in doing so they empower others to do the same. Start small: get that hair cut, write that first blog, wear that colour. Remember, people who can change their lives go on to change the world.

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