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My name is Lisa Bean. I’m a Transformational Speaker, Business Coach and Badass Vlogger haha. I’m here to help you make DRAMATIC changes by uncovering your purpose, changing your life and launching and scaling a business you LOVE. I live in the UK with my partner and our naughty little whippet Sasha.


Things are pretty good right now! I run a multiple six-figure online business, I’m building a team in Manchester and I get to work and travel anywhere in the world. But it wasn’t always like this. Nope! A few years ago, I was crippled by depression and debt – I didn’t know how to carry on and I knew there had to be more to life than the washed out version I was living. One day, sat on a cold bathroom floor praying to anyone who would listen, I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and I set off on a ridiculous and crazy journey to change EVERY single aspect of my life.


That decision took me on a wild adventure as I did what I had to in order to RECONNECT with my purpose, REWIRE my brain for happiness and BUILD a business I LOVE!


Three years on and I now make a living taking other incredible people, like you, through this journey.


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Keynote: How to change your life in 2019

Thank you so much to the incredible Sunshine Fund for inviting me to speak at the Glass Slipper Awards 2019, celebrating the incredible achievements of women across the North East! WHAT A DAY!!!

In this talk, I ask: What does it take to change your life in 2019 and share with you my story of change: How I changed my life, how I got over depression and how I found happiness against all the odds!

My Story

In 2015, I left behind two companies I’d built from scratch to go in pursuit of happiness. I’d borrowed heavily to grow my companies and so leaving them behind meant taking on £100k in debt to start again and take another punt on ‘me’. I was also crippled by a six year stint of depression (which I’d somehow managed to keep a secret) and didn’t have a clue how to get better. One thing I did know? There had to be more to life than the version I was living.  This is my story…press play: 


Oh…did I forget to mention…I documented my whole journey of change in a regular vlog! New content released almost daily. So, are you ready for your daily dose of inspiration? This is DARETOGROW / The Journey:

  • After two weeks on the road – one week in New York and one week in LA – it’s home time…and guess who was there to meet me at the airport? I always wanted a sign hehe…

How to change your life & make

a living doing what you love…


Get honest


Give up the expectations of others and turn inwards: what do you feel driven to do? What would you love to do if you could do anything in the world? What do you want to teach others or change in the world? What would the world look like if everything were perfect…in your eyes? Start by being really honest with yourself about what YOU want.


Take full responsibility


Take full responsibility for your life – everything you are experiencing now is a result of something you did or didn’t do; did or didn’t say. When you accept that, you take full control and realise the infinite ability YOU have to change your life. Even if you don’t know ‘how’ to do it yet; accepting responsibility is the first step.


Express yourself


To live a life of passion, you must find the courage to express yourself and your ideas. Yes, it’s scary at first, I know but thought leaders have influence because they express their unique ideas, insights and ways of life and in doing so they empower others to do the same. Start small: get that hair cut, write that first blog, wear that colour. Remember, people who can change their lives go on to change the world.

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Something to watch…

  • After two weeks on the road – one week in New York and one week in LA – it’s home time…and guess who was there to meet me at the airport? I always wanted a sign hehe…...

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