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DARETOGROW and change your life!

Ooooh we are on a mission at DARETOGROW HQ. Our mission is to provide life changing free content and business building online programmes to help you change your life and change the frickin’ world! And here’s why…


We believe that each and every one of us was put on this planet for a purpose. And, the journey you’ve had in life has positioned you perfectly to help a particular group of people. We want to help you reconnect with that purpose, find the courage to share your story and build a business to make a living doing it.


Each week, we release brand new videos, blogs and now podcasts on topics like uncovering your purpose, scaling up your business, automating your marketing, mindset and the law of attraction to help you hit your goals in life and business.


For anyone looking for more tailored guidance, we have two incredible online programmes:


(1) PREEX is a start up school for purpose driven entrepreneurs who want to launch their own business and finally quit their job, making money on their own terms. Find out more >> 


(2) Expansion Business School is for entrepreneurs who are already in business and looking to scale up to multiple six figures. Find out more >> 


DARETOGROW was launched by founder Lisa Bean in July 2015 and has more than quadrupled in size in the last 12 months. Lisa’s brand new book – First Sh!t Version – is available now to buy on Amazon.

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