Am I undercharging? How to set the right pricing strategy online.

A lot of people feel bad for undercharging: “Should I put my price up Lisa?”, “Should I be charging more for my online course Lisa?”.



The truth is that you already know the answer to that question.


If you make a sale and you jump around celebrating “Oh my god yes I can’t wait to deliver this”, then you’re winning. Your price is bang on.


If you make a sale and you feel bad, either “Eeek, how am I going to deliver this?” or “Well they just got a bargain! I feel robbed”, then you’re not charging what you think the programme or online course is worth.


Yes, there is a lot around value and self worth tied up in pricing. I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘money blocks’ by now? But the truth is you have plenty of time to charge more. What matters right now is that you feel excited to make a sale, the value feels fair on both sides and you deliver what you promised.

Press play for my four minutes on pricing.


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