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Pre-Ex Opens Friday 20th November

Replace Your Salary and Quit Your Job


Hello fellow entrepreneur! I can only assume you’re here because you want to design, launch and sell out an online offer so you can begin the journey of quitting your job and supporting yourself full time in your own venture. Well, I am excited you’re here!


Pre-ex is my brand new start up school! Taking you STEP-BY-STEP on a journey to (1) Craft your new online offer, (2) Build your online offer and (3) Launch and sell out your online offer using online marketing.


This programme, which is fully online, will take you from bare bones ideas through to your first successful launch. You will learn how to craft an offer people actually want, how to build an online marketing funnel to make sales while you sleep and what it’s really going to take to quit your job and live life on your terms!


Over the last three years I’ve helped hundreds of people reconnect with their purpose and change their lives. Now more than ever people are asking me: How do I come up with a great offer? How do I make sales online? Which social media platform should I be on? Is this name any good? How can I make enough money to quit my job? 


Well! Pre-Ex Start Up School is my answer to all of those questions. In Pre-Ex Start-Up School, I am going to show you exactly how to do it! Oooh it’s time! 

Online business start up school

Preex Part 1

PART 1 –

Define exactly who you’re here to help and craft a truly unmissable offer for that unique audience. 

In this part of the course you will learn how to identify what people will pay for, you’ll decide what medium works best for you (e.g. PDFs vs. an online course vs. a group coaching programme) and you will map out and design your brand new online offer.

Preex Part 1

PART 2 –

Build out your online offer so it is ready to buy right now! 

In this part of the course I will guide you on the journey of building out your online programme so it is ready to sell! This means deciding where to host your offer, which payment buttons to use to collect money and how you will deliver it for epic client results! I will guide you on how to do this step by step.

Preex Part 3

PART 3 –

Create your first ever funnel and prepare to sell out your online offer! 

In this part of the course, you will build out your first ever ‘proper’ online marketing funnel so you can find new clients, introduce them to your offer and give them a way to sample it so they buy it with confidence! I will walk you through step by step how to build your sales page (and where to host it), how to build a funnel that makes sales while you sleep and how to generate traffic to consider your new offer!

Launch a product

Lisa Bean

About Lisa Bean

Lisa Bean is the founder of the multiple six figure business DARETOGROW and author of the Amazon topping book First Sh!t Version. Through her online programmes she teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to launch a business to make a living doing what they love and how to scale that business to six figures online.


Having sold over £1m of services in her businesses (across marketing, recruitment and online training), Lisa specialises in helping people craft their stand out message, launch their offer and scale using funnel and content marketing. She is a self confessed video geek and regularly releases vlogs of her travels and business journey.


From the UK originally, Lisa recently put her belongings into storage to travel around Europe with her partner and whippet.

Who is this for?

Pre-Ex Start Up School is for good hearted people who are brand new to online marketing and want to:

Launch an online programme, course or offer and make money by selling it online

Willing to put in the hours to craft their first offer and build an online marketing funnel. This isn't an easy ride and it takes work.

You're looking to make £2000 - £3000 a month in an online business, perhaps as a 'side hustle' initially but with the intentions to scale it up and quit your job longer term!

Either brand new to business or has a physical / face-to-face business but wants to make money online

Has a little bit of money to invest in the systems / tools required. For example, you might want to engage a web designer or graphic designer, buy a subscription to a training platform or you might want to outsource your video editing.

This is not for you if you are: 

Looking for a quick fix. This takes work, effort and time.

Quick to blame others for your lack of results. You won't make it online if you can't take full responsibility for your results 😉

Not a nice person. I will ask you to leave faster than you joined.

Already making money online and have a basic funnel in place! If this is you check out - my scale up school!

What’s included? 

12 months access to the full three-part, 12 week training programme, including access to all updated training and new bonuses or masterclasses that are released during that period.

12 month's access to the live training sessions! This is where I go live to deep dive into key aspects of selling online. I also update everyone on what's working in the industry right now. You're welcome to submit questions in advance too!

Bonus 1

How to plan, film and edit videos for your online course! Epic step by step course! 

Bonus 2

Access to masterclasses as they build in The Pre-Ex Vault. 

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What is Pre-Ex?

Pre-Ex is a 12 month online Start Up School for people who want to quit their job and make their own money using online marketing. In this programme, you will focus on:

Crafting an offer that is truly sellable, learning how to understand customers' needs and how to position a programme that sells.

Building your brand online for the first time, from what to post, when to post and how to post to start building your online community.

Building your first funnel, including your landing page, your opt-in or freebie and the automated email sequence to help you build 'leads' and make sales while you sleep!

Developing the mindset required of an online entrepreneur. Building a business online is not easy. It requires grit, determination and patience.

Lisa Bean Founder of Expansion Business School

What does it cost?

The programme is 12 months long and costs £495 (inc VAT) to join. You can choose to pay in full or over two instalments. 

12 month online course with monthly live masterclasses

5 things you’ll get from Pre-Ex Start Up School

Step-by-step structure - The course is laid out in three sections - (1) offer, (2) build, (3) marketing - and I take you through the whole process step-by-step so you know exactly what to focus on next.

Bite size pieces of information - Rather than hour long tutorials, the course is broken down into more 10 minute videos, meaning you can watch a video, take an action and tick it off your list. You can plough through lots of videos or do a little bit every day!

Tools, templates and demos - I'm going to show you working examples every step of the way and demonstrate why and how they work. This stops the training being theory and makes it a lot more practical!

Help! Every month I'm going to run a live masterclass to dive into core topics, explain things in more detail and answer key questions that come up in the community. You can also add your questions to the training videos and I'll respond!

Focus! There's no fluff in this course. It's all clear, direct, actionable steps you can follow to stay SUPER focused on what it's going to take for you to quit your job and support yourself full time in your very own online business.

I know that getting a business of the ground can be scary! It’s hard work and it always takes longer that people will have you believe! I know this because I’ve built three, from scratch. One thing I’m really passionate about is good hearted people making their own money, especially now! That’s why I’ve launched Pre-Ex Start Up School. To help you get your business off the ground, quit your job and support yourself with money you make yourself. Yes please to that! 
Lisa Bean, UK
Lisa Bean Monthly Membership

Are you ready? 

Enrolment opens on Friday 20th November. Join the waiting list to be the first to join!