[VLOG 244] What are your BLOCKS?

In todays vlog, join us at Alice’s retreat, and watch as she teaches the art of Kundalini yoga. Witnessing her perform this class was truly awesome. I know she’s a teacher but I’ve never really seen her teach like this before!

In our daily lives we are faced with hurdles and BLOCKS that seem to delay us in achieving our dreams. But, the truth is they are the actually the key to our success…

It’s in overcoming our blocks and moving through the obstacles that we grow, evolve and have more to teach.

So let that block be a catalyst for the change in you.

Overcoming YOUR blocks is the next major step in your own personal journey of self-development.

So what is ‘a block’? Well…

“It’s innovative, it’s awesome, it’s… Not going to work.”
You’ve got this great idea, you want to share it with your audience, your peers, family and friends.


The fear of failure is holding you back. The fear of being laughed at haunts you from school.

Would it be humbling to know that Thomas Edison was told by his teachers he was ‘too stupid to learn anything’.

Or you’ve been working on a piece of work for so long, but you’re terrified of it being rejected. J.K Rowling was turned down by not 10, not 11, but 12 publishing houses before Harry Potter got a special place on the shelves… (and in our hearts).

Don’t be afraid to challenge these blocks.

Let go of your expectations and surrender to your dreams.

LEAN into the resistance that’s holding you back…

The change you see will be the change in YOU…

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