10 Part Online Video Course: How to Vlog. Full Price = £247.

Vlogging course


How to create your first vlog series using your iPhone and iMovie


10 part video series: Learn how to make a vlog just like the one below. The course contains 10 step-by-step training videos and you follow along as I make this very vlog. See how I make epic b-roll, learn how I add music to bring my vlog to life and learn how to add promotional ‘end slides’ at the end of your vlog.

Brand new ONLINE COURSE teaching you how to film your first vlog series using your iPhone and iMovie! With everything you need to know in order to film an epic vlog just like the one above!

Learn how to produce a professional looking vlog using just your iPhone and iMovie

Learn how to add 'b-roll' footage and music to your vlog for that cinematic effect

Come behind the scenes as I edit the vlog above on iMovie and learn all my HACKS for producing a quality vlog filmed on your iPhone

Receive the raw footage used in the vlog above so you can follow along in the demos and practice your skills immediately

Get free access to the bonuses as they added such as 'How to film epic slow mo using your iPhone'

Launch your very first vlog series and start sharing your journey today

how to vlog
How to vlog

A word from Lisa…

I really want you to start vlogging. It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s a great way to build meaningful connections with your audience, spread your message and change the frickin’ world!


This is a 10 part online course and I’ve filmed it for you! It’s a step by step guide on how to film your first ever vlog series from scratch! I’ll show you how to plan your vlog, how to capture your content and how to make a professional looking vlog you’ll be PROUD TO SHARE.


Learning a new skill can be daunting. That’s why I’ve broken it down over 10 videos and included a bonus section with some of my top HACKS to make your vlog look even better. Plus…I’ll give you the content I used to create the vlog above so you can dive right in and start putting your new skills into practice right away.


Vlogging is great fun and it can have a dramatic impact on your business. Plus, the skills you’ll learn in filming video footage and editing in iMovie are transferable for all kinds of video production!

This vlogging course is for you, if you want to:

Film and produce a regular vlog via Facebook or YouTube

Market your business and connect with your audience via video

Learn how to use iMovie, from scratch!

Learn an incredible new skill you can use again and again

Learn how to capture professional looking footage without the professional equipment!

Take action to build your dream life

how to vlog

How does it work?


When you sign up, you get full and lifetime access to the vlogging course. You can access it on the go and complete it at your own speed.


This is a fully online course. You can tune into the video training in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Or, watch the videos during your commute or during a break at work. You have full access to the training course and you can complete it in your own time.


Please note: you’ll require an iPhone or smart phone to film your own vlog footage and you will need the desktop / lap top version of iMovie in order to benefit fully from the training.



Vlogging content to practice your skills


When you join the course, you’ll receive the raw footage used to make the vlog above. This means you can dive in and start practicing your skills right away!


Please note: This content is currently being formatted and will be available on Friday 27th July. 



COMING SOON: How to get over your fear of public speaking


New bonus content will be added regularly, including this new video teaching you how to get over your fear of public speaking so you can start filming your own epic vlog content.



Ask Lisa your technical questions!


There is an exclusive forum in each training video. If you have any questions about the training or if you get stuck, leave a message and Lisa will answer you personally!

10 Part Online Video Course: How to Vlog. Full Price = £247.

Vlogging course

The Units


An epic introduction to vlogging

I love vlogging! Having filmed over 100 vlogs now (and having watched a lot more) I thought it would be useful to introduce the concept of vlogging to you and share how to think about your first vlog series.


So, in this video, find out: What is a vlog and how long should it be? What are the different types of vlogs and which style is right for me? How to approach your vlog in terms of your tone and energy? When should I start and how long should I vlog for?


How to get started today: what you need 

To get started as a vlogger there are only two things you need: an iPhone (or camera phone) and iMovie (or similar video editing suite).


In this video, I’m going to set you a very important challenge to get you started as a vlogger. I’ll also talk you through the next two levels of camera equipment you might invest in as you go on your journey as a vlogger.


How to capture video footage LIKE THE PROS!

Are you ready to start capturing footage like the pros? Here are five mega tips for getting better quality vlog content using just your iPhone! (This is the vlogging video shared above!)


How to import your files to iMovie…PROPERLY

In this video, I’m going to share with you a PRO TIP that took me 121 vlogs to figure out! And it’s to do with how I store, manage and sort my video files before I even import them into iMovie. Plus, I share with you how to import your video files to iMovie safely.


How to get started in iMovie

Let’s dive into the editing process! In this video, I’ll show you how to add your first few videos to the iMovie timeline and make core edits to the footage to start forming your vlog. Remember, this is a skill and you’ll get better and better as the course continues 🙂


How to add epic b-roll to your vlog 

‘B-roll’ is that magical ‘secondary’ footage that brings a vlog or movie to life. Adding good quality b-roll gives your vlog a really professional and cinematic feel. You’ll learn how to do this in this part of the training.


How to add music to your videos…for MAXIMUM impact 

Music brings a vlog to life! In this video, learn where to source your vlog music and how to add it for maximum impact!


How to add an end-slide to your vlog

In this video, learn how to add text to your video (such as DARETOGROW TV) and how to add an ‘end slide’ promoting a link or page on your web site.


How to cover up mistakes in your vlog! 

Okay so we allll make mistakes when filming content. So, don’t worry! This clever little hack will help you cover up those mistakes quickly and easily!


How to add epic slow mo to your vlog 

How good does ‘slow mo’ look in vlogs? Well in this unit, learn how to add it properly for a true cinematic feel.

10 Part Online Video Course: How to Vlog. Full Price = £247.

Vlogging course

Your Questions Answered:

I don’t have an iPhone. Can I still join the course? 


Yes absolutely. As long as have a camera, smart phone or camera enabled phone. It doesn’t need to be an iPhone. As long as you can capture video content on a device you have then you’re good to go! For example, you might use a Samsung phone, an Xperia phone or even a Go Pro or ‘point and click’ camera. 

Can I use the mobile (app) version of iMovie? 


Yes indeed but you won’t have access to all of the iMovie features and a few of the ‘hacks’ and pro tips in the training won’t apply, such as how to organise and store your video content for the future. I would recommend using iMovie on a desktop or downloading a similar free movie editing software, such as Filmora. It’s a lot easier to move the footage around on a lap top or PC and you get access to more features. 

Is there a time limit on the course?


Absolutely not. When you sign up, you get lifetime access to the course, including all updates to the training and any new bonuses that are added to the course. There is no rush to complete it either. It’s all online and you can log in at your own pace to watch the training videos and complete the exercises. 

Will the course help me if I want to make an ‘about us’ video for my web site?


Absolutely! The principles are the same. In this course you will learn how to capture great video content and edit it using iMovie. You’ll learn how to cut clips, add music and even add text to your video. In the training, I show you how to edit a vlog live but the training is applicable to any kind of video. 

I’m not very technical. Will you help me if I get stuck? 


Yes indeed! I really want you to give this a go and start making videos. If you get stuck, post a question underneath that particular training video and I will answer you within 48 hours to help you out! 

10 Part Online Video Course: How to Vlog. Full Price = £247.

Vlogging course