[VLOG 246] Get it out there! Your business is NOT your baby…

It’s my favourite day of the week, It’s Wednesday and the DARETOGROW team are out in Manchester. Today we celebrate a major shift in the business, as I welcome in our second team member, Amy! Join us as we head out for a delicious brunch at Evelyn’s (Northern Quarter, seriously guys check it out.)


This was an awesome opportunity to informally welcome Amy into the team and share my vision for DARETOGROW with the guys…


In the last few vlogs I am really channelling the importance of building a team and letting go of every day tasks. I see this as such an important step in bringing your vision to life.


As you gain traction, as your business scales and as you grow, you need to be able to trust other people to run daily tasks for you. It’s all part of building a well-oiled machine.


On the subject of machines, Henry Ford once said;


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”


Now this might sound harsh but bear with me…


Your business is not your baby.


Yes, you created it but if you want to have a national or even world-wide reach, or have a lasting impact on an industry, it’s important that people feel they can contribute to the growth of the brand, the messaging, the business.


And let’s be honest…There are so only so many hours in a day. If someone else can do ‘that task’, I’d consider letting them…


If you want to grow, ask yourself:


  • How can I allow this to be shared?
  • How can I let someone else get this out there?
  • How can I help people help me along the way?


Once you have the process…


Pass it on.

Let it flow.


Other people have the expertise, and you might be surprised at how efficient things become!!!


S/O to Jed and the Colony Co-working space.


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