[VLOG 253] Why your business needs a buddy…

In todays vlog, Lillia and I are heading to Thrunton Woods in Alnwick, a lovely spot found by Alice (thanks again Alice for your glorious sense of adventure).

We’ve had a couple of days working on our businesses, so we’ve chosen to get out into nature today and ground ourselves back down to mother frickin’ earth baby!

The first time Alice and I went here I remember it so vividly…

I recall standing in this exact spot approximately a year ago, looking out into the vast landscape, lost for breath and almost in tears PLEADING to Alice that I wanted business friends.

Little did I know I needed them…

Building your dream life and scaling your business can be quite isolating at moments. You get so caught up in trying to be on top of everything and being in control of your vision that you lock yourself away from all the important things (believe me, I’ve been there). You know what the scariest part is? it’s so easy to do!

Can you imagine a situation where you have felt like everyone in the room is completely different to you?

Where you couldn’t express yourself to your fullest?

Do you remember that feeling?

Well, scrap that thought. Why not think about a time where you COULD be all those things?

Do you remember the overwhelming feeling of happiness, acceptance and upmost excitement?

How when you got home, you waffled to your partner or housemates about all these amazing people you met and how much you had in common? They eagerly listened as you didn’t stop for breath…

Online coaching is more than strategies, more than designing your future, it’s about being part of a really valuable and darn right special community.

It DOESN’T all have to be isolated activities, not everything has to be online – meet up with your business friends, go for coffee and show one another around your hometowns.

When I started my journey, I didn’t have any business friends. Little did I know just a year later I’d be able to share this beautiful space with Lillia. This is truly a magical part of business.

Make time to be with likeminded people. When you share the same values, the energy to create and bounce ideas off of one another is priceless. You cannot buy human connection like this.

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