[VLOG 254] Not getting results in your business?

Don’t consider yourself very green thumbed? Well heck, you’re an entrepreneur not Alan Titchmarsh. I prefer ground coffee to Ground Force.
“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. – Audrey Hepburn
In today’s vlog I want to share a bit of wisdom with you. Something I tell myself on a daily basis. A little piece of encouragement that got me from where I was 4 years ago to where I am today.
“You reap what you sow”…
In order for my business to scale I need to think about it like a vegetable…
What are you on about Lisa?
Why the Harvest festival of course!
The perfect harvest crop won’t deliver unless you sow like a badass’ in spring. Remember the song?
“Cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green”
“Beetroot purple and onions white, all grow steadily day and night”
The key word here is STEADILY.
You are planning for the future with EVERY step you take. Much like a new strawberry plant you can’t rush nature and you can’t rush the seasons, that all relates to your journey in business.
You can’t rush the growth and progression of your business, everything is done a little chunks; bitesize steps that form new exciting paths.
In order for big changes to happen, you MUST plant the seeds. Later on – it might be 6 months, it might even be a year – that’s when you start to reap, alas what you’ve sowed 😉
In the run up to Cohort 9, I already had Cohort 10 in the diary and I was creating and sharing content to build my brand and my reach months in advance.
Now I have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with my Expansion (group coaching) clients and tell them EXACTLY what is going well and what isn’t quite working during the launch of Cohort 10!
But Expansion didn’t even exist this time last year. I could only launch it because I’d grown The Online Course so well. I put in my time and got the results.
So, ask yourself…
Where am I in my business?
Whether you’re just launching a new course, or you’ve made 10 sales on for your next event… Ask yourself: “are you planting or reaping?”.
You rarely do both at the same time.
You’ll find that whilst you are working towards your vision and building your DREAM, you will be planting. As the results come in, you move into reaping.
Remember, it all takes time. Believe in your vision, believe in yourself…and keep planting those seeds! You can’t reap what you didn’t sow.

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