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To hustle or not to hustle? ;-)

Sometimes I feel torn between working and playing, between living life for the now and building my future.


There’s a phrase I heard a while back: to build your dream life, you must act according to your goals and not your mood.


That means writing that blog when you want to watch Orange Is The New Black. It means editing that video when you want to go out for that drink with pals. It means investing in coaches, training programmes and personal development when you really want a beach holiday lol beach 🏖

But why does that have to be a punishment? Why can’t you enjoy doing the work now to build your future later? You’re not missing out. You’re building something you can have forever.

Plus… What if ‘balance’ WAS your goal? What if freedom WAS in focus? What if you invested time now setting up a business to give yourself everything you want later?

For ever. More consistently.

Let me ask you something… Would you do the graft now 2-4 years of your life if I could guarantee you freedom for the rest of your life?

I would. I have.


Just three years ago, I was getting up at 5am to build web sites for clients and pay the rent while building DARETOGROW.


Just two years ago I was running an online course and making little to no return because I wanted to make it THE BEST in the industry.


Just one year ago, I was editing vlogs at midnight so that could later afford to hire a team.


Now I feel so happy to say I spend 90% of my time in business on DARETOGROW.


My online course now brings in more revenue in one launch than I made in 2016 and 2017 COMBINED… and it’s STILL a bargain for people [not my words]. And I now have legit THE BEST full time team in the industry helping me share this content and these ideas with you.

And, I get to travel, play, hike, sleep whenever I want. I have that freedom. I bought it by paying the rent up front, by doing the work up front. And no one can take it off me.


Don’t think of this part of the journey as a punishment. Think of it as a down payment 😉