All big trees grow from tiny acorns

I remember the first time I filmed my online course. It was 2am in the morning. I’d sold 6 places on the course and it was due to go live in 48 hours. I was excited. And I was terrified haha.

Will this really help people?

Is it any good?

Will it work??!!!

But it was late and time was against me so I put my fears to one side and reminded myself: You’re teaching the tools and techniques that specifically helped you get out of depression and change your life. Of course it will help!

I whipped out my handicam – a gift from my parents a year earlier – and I started filming.

I filmed 6 * 20 minutes videos. I uploaded them to YouTube. And I created worksheets in PowerPoint.

When people signed up (via Paypal links at the time), I emailed them one by one with links to the hidden videos and I attached the PowerPoint worksheets.

It wasn’t perfect or classy or epic, but it was transformational! And that’s what matters.

I put it out when it was helpful, not when it was the finished, polished article.

Fast forward just under three years, and I’ve just spent two full days in Manchester refilming the entire course with my incredible, epic team.

We hired a venue.

We set up the lights and mics and fancy camera gear.

We filmed the videos, edited them (ahem, Matt did! He’s amazing) and uploaded them to our online course software the following week.

50 videos.

A 100+ page workbook people receive in the post.

And a two day live event in Manchester.

And I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve built. I couldn’t be more grateful to my team for their help. And I couldn’t be more excited to open the doors to Cohort 10.

All big trees grow from tiny seeds.

Remember that.

P.s. Enrolment to The Online Course / Cohort 10 is open now and I would love to welcome you in! This is a life changing online journey of personal and business transformation. Click the link to find out more and book your place by 31st July to secure the ridiculous early bird discount.