Online course now open

We are open…are you coming in?

Did you hear the news? DARETOGROW / The Online Course is now officially open for enrolment and doors close at 11.59 on Tuesday 3rd April.

So here’s the question: where could you be this time next year if you DARETOGROW and join today?

Let’s see…

So what is DARETOGROW / The Online Course first of all…


Well, it’s an 11 week online programme that will take you on a journey of change, discovery and action to build your dream life.

Oh yes, I’m not messing around there am I! Hehe.

Because this course is for people who want to change their lives; who know they’re meant for more in life; who have a story or an idea or a service they’d love to bring to the world.

But maybe you’re scared? Or don’t have the confidence yet? Or you’ve lost your sense of self? This is why we look at this in the first part of the course on ‘How to uncover your purpose’.

This part of the course isn’t just about uncovering your ‘why’. It’s about coming back into alignment with who you are. It’s about finding your truth. It’s about rebuilding trust in yourself. It’s about expressing yourself with confidence. Just like I learnt to do after a 6 year stint of depression where I ‘depressed’ my personality so much I literally ‘checked out’ of my own life and started wearing masks to fit in. Know the feeling?

But this course isn’t just about finding who you are and rebuilding trust in yourself… it’s also about change: it’s about taking aligned action every single day so you can change the way you think, introduce new habits, change your life and ultimately make a living doing what you love.

Why do a job you hate?

Why put off your dreams because you’re afraid of being judged or that it won’t work?

Why be happy with good when you can have frickin’ fantastic?

Of course, changing your life and making a living doing what you love is a journey and it takes time.

And this is why this course is so special.

When you join, you get life time access to everything!! Every time I add a new course or training bonus, you get access. Plus the private community is active all year round in Facebook. You can hop in to ask a question or share your progress or even ask for feedback on your latest logo!

So why join?


Well, if you’re ready to change, if you want more from life, if you want to take that step and make your move join to:

* Change your life in a major way and give your dreams a chance

* Become part of a community of likeminded people who will inspire and support you on your journey

* Uncover your purpose and build a life around it…so you can finally get back to the real you

* Learn how to use your story to empower you and inspire others

* Take control of how you feel and seek out happiness

* Gain focus and get clarity on your goals…

* Make a living doing what you love…

And don’t forget, I’m with you every step of the way.

When you join, you’re entered into an exclusive Facebook group (such a magical space), you will receive your DARETOGROW tool kit in the post (including 2 of the most life changing books I’ve ever read and the ultimate course Workbook and you’re given lifetime access to this course.


What’s included in the course?


* 51 life changing units complete with videos, worksheets and focus forums

* Access to my secret Facebook Group exclusive to members of this course

* Weekly Facebook Lives every Sunday morning to lift your soul and help you gain focus for your week ahead

* Guided meditations, visualisations and exclusive audio bonus content

* Guest teachers to bring their expertise and skills (including one of my teachers I met over in LA)

* 1-2-1 support – you will have direct access to me via the Facebook group, emails and the forums

* For those of you who are ready to launch your new offering (product or service), I invite you to submit your business plan and I will review it personally and give you feedback

* DARETOGROW toolkit and Workbook delivered right to your door

Not to mention the live event I’m planning in Manchester – and all you Movement Makers are exclusively invited! Oooh ee I’m excited for this!!

I believe so much that this course can change your life that I offer everyone a 30 day guarantee – 30 whole days!! So if you join and decide it’s not for you, I will give you a full refund. That’s how much I trust and believe in what I’m about to share with you all.

Remember you can have, be, do anything you want in life. You’ve just got to ask for it, work for it and expect it.

Are you ready? Is now your time? Let’s do this! Let’s make 2018 the year you decided to change your life!

Enrollment closes 11.59pm on Tuesday 3rd April, so sign up today to secure your place and I’ll see you all in the Online Course Facebook Group!

Follow this link for enrollment:

Lisa x x

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