DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE is a step-by-step 11 week online course. Work with me live and I will teach you:

How to uncover your purpose and define your why

Specific strategies for changing your life and making your dream life you new reality

How to launch your dream business and make a living doing what you love

How to build and manage an engaged and wonderful online community

How to overcome the fears holding you back and move past them to build your dream life

How to build your own WordPress web site so you can launch your business in style!

Sign up to receive life time access to this jam packed online course. You can work through it at your own pace, dive into specific modules when you need them and re-join year after year.


DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE only opens twice a year because I run it ‘live’. Whilst 90% of the content is online, I will be hosting a weekly live on Facebook every Sunday and I’ll be active every day in the course forums.

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Cohort 7 begins on 4th April. Mark your diaries! 


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Changing your life and building your business can take years and years of graft, trial and error and sheer determination. DARETOGROW / THE ONLINE COURSE will help you get there faster by showing you how to get your purpose-led business off the ground, how to make a living doing what you love and how to stay motivated over the longterm to make your dream life your new reality.

This incredible, jam packed course is split into four key parts: 


PRE COURSE BONUS – How to Uncover your Purpose

How to Change Your Life 

How to Launch Your Business & Your Movement  

POST COURSE BONUS – How to Build Your Own WordPress Web Site


Join today and work through each part of the course, live, with a group of highly motivated movement makers ready to change their lives and the world.

How to change your life - online course

This programme is for you, if you want to:

Uncover your purpose and find out why you're here

Set a bold and compelling new vision for your life

Find out what truly motivates you and sets your soul on fire!

You feel called to share your gift with the world

Find out what's holding you back personally and overcome those barriers

Rewrite the story of your life

Make a living doing what you love

Launch an online course, an event or a programme that sells

Learn how to market your business online

Learn how to build and update your own web site

Build a thriving and engaged online community

Make videos for social media, your web site or even make a vlog!




How to uncover your purpose - online course with Lisa Bean

Week 1 – Uncover Your Purpose 


Learn how to uncover your purpose and find out what truly lights you up. Making money is one thing, but making a living doing what you love is the way to build your dream life. This first part of the course will help ensure you’re clear on what you want and why. Because after all, what you seek is already seeking you.

By the end of this section, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your unique purpose and what you’re here to do.


Change your life - online course with Lisa Bean

Week 2 – Habits of Success: Three truths you must know and accept in order to take control and truly change your life. Plus, let’s introduce habits of success to make your dream life inevitable.


Week 3 – Your Bold Vision: Set a bold and compelling vision for your life, through a ‘dream day visualisation’, a ‘future self’ meditation (from my meditation teacher in LA) and vision boarding work.


Week 4 – Change Your Story: It’s time to rewrite the story of your life. This activity is a GAME CHANGER.


Week 5High Performance Habits: This is where the real work around manifestation and the law of attraction begins.


Week 6Action! You’ll be set three challenges and you’ll work with an accountability buddy in the group to help ensure you follow through on your promises to yourself.

By the end of this section, you will not only know exactly what it takes to change your life but you’ll already be experiencing more energy, positivity and better results in your life. 


Launch your movement - online business and marketing course

PART 3 –


Week 7Your Business Model: There are four key business models to consider when making a living doing what you love. Let me introduce them here and show you exactly how to determine the business model you need to succeed for long term success.


Week 8Your Brand: This week you’ll learn how to build a market leading brand that attracts your ideal customers.


Week 9Your First Product or Service: This week is about designing and building your first (or next) product or service. I’ll show you what to consider, how to approach it and what to focus on when bringing your offering to the world.


Week 10 – Marketing Your Business: Marketing is always changing, month by month. Let’s start with some timeless marketing principles before diving into specific strategies around funnel marketing, ad spend on Facebook and even the power of Instagram stories and vlogging.


Week 11Your First Customer: This week is all about taking key action to win your first customer. Businesses aren’t built overnight but there is no better time than this to go out and start connecting with potential new customers.


Week 12 Business Plan Review: In week 12, submit your completed business and marketing plan to me and I will personally review it and give you individual feedback on your plans.

By the end of this section, you will have built your new product / service, you will have completed your business and marketing strategy and you’ll already be connecting with potential customers online. 


Build your Wordpress web site - online course

Weeks 13 – 22 BONUS CONTENT: 

In this bonus online course I will show you how to build a fully editable, responsive website using the world’s most popular web building platform: WordPress. From building beautiful pages to adding blogs and even your own video content, I’ll show you step by step how to build and launch your own WordPress web site. This course includes one year’s free hosting.

By the end of this section, you will have completed draft 1 of your very own WordPress web site, ready to launch your new business to the world in style! Free hosting and domain included for year one. 

A peek at your new workbook

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Pre-Course: How to Uncover Your Purpose


Life changing 8 part course designed to help you uncover and connect with your purpose.

Value: £295



Post-Course: Build Your Own WordPress Web Site


Boom! Build your own WordPress web site and save a tonne on design and development. Hosting included for 12 months. Plus templates and step by step video training.

Value: £695



Join Me LIVE In Manchester!


That’s right! I’m putting on an exclusive LIVE event for everyone who signs up. This is exclusive to members of this course. Meet each other, ask me your questions live and enjoy a day of exclusive training on me.

Value: £65



Review: Let Me Review Your Business & Marketing Plan


Submit your business and marketing plan to me at the end of the course (epic template provided of course!) and I’ll give you INDIVIDUAL feedback on your plans.

Value: £995



100+ Page Workbook


Not many online courses offer this: I’ll send you a 100+ page workbook so you can complete the exercises in style! Take yourself to a coffee shop, order your favourite drink, plug in and work through your workbook in style!

Value: £20



Access To My DARETOGROW Strategy


In the course, I’ll share with you my full business AND marketing strategy for DARETOGROW and break down each element to show you how it works.

Value: ♟️



Essential Reading!

Let me send you a copy of two GAME CHANGING books in your welcome pack: a beautiful hard back copy of The Alchemist and the life changing Power of Now.

Value: £15



Join the Incredible DARETOGROW ‘Movement Makers’ Community

Get lifetime access to my secret group of movement makers: join a private community of people, just like you, who are busy changing their lives and building their dream businesses to change the frickin’ world. PLUS, I go live in the group EVERY SUNDAY morning to get us all pumped for the week ahead. BOOM!


DARETOGROW / The Online Course

Access the course on the go! !


The Online Course is 100% online…apart from the physical workbook bonus of course! This means you can log in and work through the course any time, from anywhere in the world. Each week, a whole new section of the course is released and you can access it at home, in a coffee shop or even on holiday!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

There is no risk when you invest in DARETOGROW / The Online Course. Sign up and try out the first two weeks. If it’s not for you, I’ll give you a FULL REFUND on what you’ve paid.


But, you’ve got to do the work! Complete the first two weeks of the programme, fill in your workbook and join me for the Facebook lives. If you do this, you will get noticeable results.


So far, we’ve had no refund requests but jut in case it happens, I wanted to assure you I will honour any refund requests up until 6pm on 2nd May 2018.

Money back guarantee

Choose the best payment plan for you


Save £250

when you pay in full



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Save £250


Spread the costs

10 Monthly Payments


£97 per month

Buy now button

Spread the payments over 10 months

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