DARETOGROW / The Online Course

DARETOGROW / The Online Course IS BACK for Cohort 9. You coming in?

DARETOGROW / The Online Course is BACK!

Oh my goodness I have been so excited to tell you…DARETOGROW / The Online Course is officially re-open for enrolment!

Early mover discount ends midnight on Friday 8th March so if you want maximum value for the best possible price, secure your spot in Cohort 9 today! It’s going to be off the charts!





DARETOGROW / The Online Course is my flagship online training programme. It’s a 12 week online course which I run ‘actively’ meaning we go through it as a group, live, in real time.

When you sign up, you get access to over 50 training videos, broken down by week, you get a 100 page workbook, you get access to a private Facebook group and there is a huge 2-day live event in Manchester included! Whaaaaat?!!!

Plus, I’m live and active throughout the full 12 weeks. Message me, ask me a question, ask me for feedback on your plans. I’m here to help you hit your goals.




This course is all about YOU! It’s about creating the space, energy and momentum for you to reconnect with your purpose in life, to change your life and make a living doing what you love. Yup, that!

It’s about figuring out what will make you happy and finding the courage to build a life around it and earn a living doing it! Wahooo!!




It’s an online course which includes a two day live event in Manchester, a welcome box and workbook which you get in the post and access to a private Facebook group.

When you join, you get full access to the course and you’re invited into the private Facebook group, exclusive to members of this course.

The course is broken into three parts: Purpose, Change and Business and I will guide you through each section with epic, life changing training videos, Facebook lives, guided meditations & visualisations and deep dives. If you get stuck on something, post it in the Facebook group and I’ll do a live on that topic!

Ooh, plus, I go live every Sunday morning at 8am to go into more detail on a key topic, find out what progress you’ve made and help you process anything that came up for you.




The course is £1280 to join, or £128 a month. BUTTTT WAIT…You will save a lot if you sign up by midnight on Friday 8th March…

It’s only £96.30 when you pay monthly (10 payments) and £894.60 when you pay in full by midnight Friday 8th March.

Once you’re paid up, you get lifetime access meaning you can rejoin and rejoin and come to all the live events for free!

Oh, I should add – there is a 30 day money back guarantee so you can join with absolute confidence that if it’s not for you I’ll give you your money back. That’s how confident I am you’ll love it and want to stay!




Where do I start?! The aim of this course is to help you change your life and build a profitable purpose-driven business so you can make a living doing what you love and change the world in the process! Of course. Hehe.

In this, my most comprehensive online training course EVER, I’m going to show you:

🔥 My life changing four step process for building and launching an incredible product or service

🔥 How to create transformation for your clients so they become TRUE ADVOCATES of your offering

🔥 The ONE THING I do that allows me to charge £1280 for my online course & £10,000 for 121 coaching programmes

🔥The two things I did that helped me to get over depression, build my confidence and build an incredibly connected audience in a crowded online world

Oh, and I’ve included my vlogging course and my WordPress web design course in there too as massive bonuses!

Sound good?

I’ve built a jam packed web page explaining the course in more detail. Check it out and sign up to secure your place in Cohort 9.

We begin on Sunday 10th March, 8pm with a Facebook Live (Welcome Party) in the private Facebook group.

See you there?