Income report Cohort 8

Earning Report – Cohort 8

When I was in serious debt and just starting out with my online course, I used to visit the web site of a well known course creator in America. A friend put her on to me and told me ‘she’s the one to learn from when it comes to building courses’. I loved what she was doing online: teaching people how to build courses through an online course that she sold all year round.

One thing I loved in particular about her site was the fact she published her income reports. I couldn’t believe she would be so open and share her earnings from each course launch. But I was so grateful too. You see, when I first starting selling my online course, I had doubt. A lot of doubt. Can you really make sales online? Enough to support yourself full time?? I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and people thought I was mad!! I was winding down a reputable marketing agency to build a new business selling courses online! I had no brand, no audience…no idea!

But nonetheless, I launched my first course – Cohort 1 – for £39 in 2015. I made 6 sales, so £234 in revenue and I was delighted!! I figured that if I could put the mechanics and marketing in place to make any sales at all, I’d be able to make things better, scale things up and earn a living doing what I love! Eventually!

During each subsequent launch I’d make things better and better. I introduced a Facebook group. I made a welcome box. I created a workbook. And during each launch, I’d visit this woman’s web site and read her income reports line by line: $100k, $141k, $283k. Her earnings were growing each month. Wow! I could hardly comprehend those numbers at the time but they gave me such hope!

Every time I doubted myself and thought ‘This is crazy, Lisa’, I’d visit her site and read the reports. What she’d earned. Whats she’d spent. And it realllllly inspired me: It confirmed to me IT’S POSSIBLE. Keep going!

DARETOGROW / The Online Course is one of four revenue streams in my business. There’s the online course (1), 121 coaching (2), consulting with large clients (3) and my new group coaching programme – E X P A N S I O N.

As someone you follow, someone you know, I want to pass on a little bit of encouragement and confidence to tell you it’s possible. No-one starts with a £100k launch. You start with a few hundred, then a few thousand, then tens of thousand, then hundreds of thousands. That’s how it works!

So here it is – the proof that you can indeed make a living by sharing your knowledge online. For anyone who wants to build or is building an online offering, I’m going to share with you the income reports of my coming launches so you can see how things scale and you can assure yourself: it’s possible.





TOTAL COSTS: £6408.69

PROFIT: £21,269.31




Facebook ad spend – £3965.12

Workbook printing – £760

Books for welcome box – £816.02

Cards and other items for welcome box – £103.24

Subtitles for vlogs / videos – £231.87

Survey Monkey for welcome survey – £35

Copywriter – £160

Graphic Designer – £125

Music for vlogs – £212.44

Packaging for welcome boxes – £113.75




I spent £6408.69 in total and I generated £27,678 in sales in that one income stream alone. That gave me a profit of £21,269!




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