I remember the exact moment Tony Robbins stepped out on stage, at that packed out stadium on a hot summer’s day in LA. He was grinning ear to ear, ALIVE with energy and smashing two long sticks together to get the crown pumping.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I burst into tears.

I felt like a teenage girl at a pop concert, crying when her favourite singer came out on stage.

I didn’t expect to cry. I didn’t mean to cry. It was just so weird to see him standing there. The 6’7 personal development giant.

He had changed my life in so many ways and had probably saved it in many ways too.

I remember, specifically, this one video of his I saw. I was in a terrible, dark, lonely place at the time and I was searching for something online to help. It was right at the start of my journey and I’d only really read a few books: “How to get over depression – a CBT guide”, “The Happiness Project”, “Shoot the Damn Dog: A Memoir of Depression”, “ I Can Make You Happy”. And then this video popped up on YouTube, by Tony Robbins. It was a New Year’s message and in it he said: Depression is a state of mind, and you can change your state in an instant.

I was shocked. And offended.

“What does he know of my depression”, I thought! “I’m depressed! Don’t you think I’d change it if I could”.

I slammed my lap top shut and ran a bath.

I filled it with bubbles for comfort and tried to relax.

But I couldn’t shake the words he spoken: “Depression is a state of mind and you can change your state in an instant”.

Who was this man, I wondered. So bold and assured in his belief.

I carried his words with me for the next few days, questioning if they could be true.

Looking back, those few words, uttered by a stranger from the other side of the world change my whole perspective on depression.

“What if it’s true?”, I started to ask myself.

“Could I really change my state, just like that?”.

Paired with the other things I was reading and discovering about depression and change, I learnt to stop saying “I am depressed” and started saying “I have depression right now but it’s not forever”. Even if I didn’t quite believe it myself!

I stopped watching the news and replaced it with motivational videos and uplifting movies.

I started journaling at night to empty my head and practicing gratitude in the morning to fill my heart.

I took to running and ran my little heart out as the tears fell and hit the cold, silver pavement.

I quit coffee and drank more water.

I learnt to visualise and practiced focusing on what I wanted and not on what I didn’t want.

And it wasn’t long before things started to change, in small ways at first and then big ways.

I felt that sense of dread and doom, lift. Just a little. The cloud of fog I lived my live through for so long was thinning. Just a little. I could taste food again. Hear music. Laugh. Again, just a little. As much as I would allow myself to in that moment.

Day by day, week by week, I kept at my practice, sharing my journey in my vlogs and blogs.

Until one day, I woke up, looked back and realised I had lost it. I had lost my depression. I don’t know the exact moment I lost it, or rather it lost me. I just know that one day I woke up and I felt lighter, much much lighter. I felt like things were possible again. I felt inspired.

Filled with hope and possibility, I started teaching what I’d learnt, in videos on YouTube, through articles on Linked In. Then I ran my first event and my next. Newcastle, Manchester, London…I launched my online course – Cohort 1, Cohort 2, Cohort 8.

I learnt new techniques, tried new things, worked with people online and 121 and saw incredible results.

My life was changing because I had changed. And now I was helping others to do the same. Their lives were changing before my very eyes and now they were helping others to change.

It had begun. The DARETOGROW movement was launched. And no-one could stop it. Not even me.

So when Tony Robbins stepped out on that stage in the summer of 2016 I cried. I cried for who I’d become. I cried for how I’d grown. I cried for the people I’d helped and was yet to help. I cried for his courage and his words: “Depression is a state of mind, and you can change your state in an instant”.

Change is possible for all of us.

It doesn’t matter how heavy the dread, how deep the hole or how thick the fog.

Change is possible.

Joy is possible.

Your dream: is possible.

And I’d like to give you a taster of that in February. I’m running two live events; one in Manchester and one in Newcastle.

During the events I’m going to share with you my personal story of change. I’m going to teach you what I’ve learn about getting over depression and changing your life.

And more than any of that, I’m going to give you an experience you’ll never forget – a transformational experience of change – through a guided visualisation, a purpose meditation and more.

During the full day workshop, you’ll meet other inspiring people, just like you who want more from life. You’ll complete a carefully designed workbook to build a plan for your new life. And you’ll enjoy a vege / vegan lunch as you chat and meet other people there.

It will be a fairly small group so there will be plenty of time to share your story too and ask me any questions you have.

I’ve put all the information you need on this link:

Are you ready to change?

Lisa x x x