In a minute…

When are you happiest? Have you stopped to ask recently? Because it matters. Your happiness matters.

Sometimes we forget that. We get so caught up in the adrenalin, anxiety and hype of “But I’ve got to this done!” that we forget we’re human beings and not machines.

I’ve lived like that for years!

In fact, the whole reason we’re on this trip is because Alice called my bluff. I kept saying “Once I’ve paid this off, then we’ll go on holiday”, “After this launch, I’ll book a trip”, “Next year, next year we’ll go I promise, I just need one more year”.

Every day she’d ask: “Shall we go to the beach for a walk”, and I’d always reply: “I’ve just got one more thing to do…”.

In November last year Alice looked at me with a stark realisation: “We’re never going on holiday are we?!”.

It was the truth.

I’d always have “One more thing” I’d have to do.

So in that moment, I shut my lap top, called DFDS and, pretty much without thinking, booked a return ferry to Amsterdam. Alice laughed. And so did I.

It’s been the best decision I’ve made in years! I didn’t think of myself as a ‘traveller’ but I LOVE IT. Hopping from country to country, touring different cities, eating different food.

We’re doing everything we can in the day and working at night. That’s why Alice has dubbed this a ‘Walliday’ – a working holiday haha.

It’s so funny the opportunities we have and don’t take, just because it’s out of the norm.

Working abroad is out of the norm for me.

Not being at my desk 24/7 is out of the norm for me.

Travelling and having fun (LOL) is out of the norm for me.

It’s out of the norm for so many of us. We’re brought up, conditioned, to sit at desks all day and do as we’re told from such a young age. It’s odd, really, that we have to wake up and report to the same exact spot in the world each day – that desk in the office. 9-5 (at least), five days a week. It’s an odd notion when you think about it.

But that conditioning runs so deep in me that I’ve built a home office and ‘report’ to the same spot each day: that desk in the office.

Odd isn’t it?!

So of course I felt uncomfortable the first few days we arrived. I wanted to ‘report’, to work.

But a new world calls for a new approach.

And this change in perspective has been just what I needed.

I’m back to vlogging, writing, being present.

Me and Alice are hanging out, spending time together, giggling from one tram to the next.

We’re exploring Europe together and it’s amazing. We’re only five days in but I know this is the best trip of my life.

Remember, human beings needs growth, connection, love, presence, peace. We weren’t built to report to the same spot on earth each day. We were built to explore, to ask, to grow.

And so today, I want to ask you: What are you putting off because you have “One more thing to do”.