[VLOG 179] Mental Thunderstorms, The New Moon…and Big Brown Boxes

Did you know the word ‘vlog’ comes from the phrase ‘video log’? Smash those words together and you get VLOG. Boom! So, really, a vlog is just a diary of someone’s life. I guess of all the vloggers I’ve followed, it’s the vlogs where I get to peek into someone’s life that I love the most.

Casey Neistat is my all time favourite vlogger. When I first came across him about a year ago he was vlogging every day and I literally COULD NOT WAIT for the next upload. I just wanted another peek inside his life! It became a bit of a ritual or routine for me.

So I understand when people who follow DARETOGROW message me and say “Heyyyyy, where’d you go?!” Someone messaged me recently to say that him and his girlfriend have breakfast together every day and watch my vlog. If you’re that person and you’re watching with your girlfriend today, say hi in the comments! 🙂

Anyway, I think today’s vlog is more ‘vlog like’ than any vlog I’ve ever made. It’s a little peek into a Saturday in my world…with a few unusual happenings:

– Announcing our trip to Europe wahoooo;
Creating a worksheet inspired by what I said in the vlog; and,
– A tour of one of Alice’s New Moon parties.

I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to know in the comments what you think of today’s episode. It feels different. Calmer maybe?!

P.s. I’m sure the title of this vlog would make a great title for a book haha.