[VLOG 178] Running a business is hard! Are you up for it?

Sometimes, when building my business and things get tough, I turn to Alice (my partner) and say “I’d love to just drive trucks – cross country – delivering things”.


Somehow I think that will be easier!


It’s not that it’s eassssy driving trucks. I know. Long haul, time away from home, dangers on the road.


It’s just that sommmmetimes, I want to wake up, report somewhere and be told “Take this thing to that location, sign that form and then come back”. You know – not have the responsibility of running a six figure business, getting up at 5am and being my own boss.


But then I snap out of it, remember how CRAP I am in a job (seriously unemployable) and how much I LOVE my business, my community and my freedom…I am currently editing this vlog on the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam – and yes, the sea motion is killing me!


So today’s vlog is for all my entrepreneurial DARETOGROWers out there – whether you have a business and you’re finding it hard or you’re in work and want to run your own business. Today’s vlog is for you!


Let’s never quit on our dreams.


Let’s push through the pain.


Let’s eat responsibility for breakfast!!




x x x


P.s. Would you love to make vlogs like this? I’ve literally just finished re-recording my epic online course – How to Vlog. Here’s the link if you want to have a peek and find out more. Vlogging is a game changer!


How to Vlog