[VLOG 176] See Lisa Bean live in Newcastle in 2019!

Come and see me live..I love books. I love online courses. I love vlogs. But by far…some of the biggest, most life changing transformations I’ve experienced happened at live events.

There’s something about seeing those speakers in person. There’s something about being around like minded people. There’s something about having that day to yourself, away from all the distractions. It’s transformational!

I’ve been running live events for three years now. What started as three hour wine evenings with a scripted talk I delivered from cue cards has turned into one of the most epic, jam packed, high energy transformational days in the UK. And now I’m back – in Newcastle! And I can’t wait!

Join me, live, on the 9th February at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle for a FULL DAY of inspiration, motivation and transformation. Vege / vegan lunch and refreshments included.

It’s time!

Tickets available now: https://daretogrow.co.uk/events/

Lisa x x x