[NOW OPEN] Enrolment now open for The Online Course

[ENROLMENT NOW OPEN] Did you hear the news? We’re open baby! And do you know what I’m most excited about?

More than the brand new training videos…

More than the two day live event in September…

And even more than the weekly lives????

I’m excited for you to message me in January 2020 and say:

“WOW, I am so glad I started. I’m going into a new year with new energy, a new life and a new business. WHhhaaattt.”

That’s why the course begins 4th August.

I want to take you on a 12 week journey to uncovering your purpose, changing your life and make living doing what you love so you finish 2019 on a HIGH and SPRING into 2020 with a trail of dust behind you!

Can you image what 2020 will look like if you invest in yourself, in your personal development, in your dreams for the next three months?

Hello new life!

Hello 2020.

And on that note, I am delighted to say: We. Are Open. And you’re invited…


This is my flagship 12 week online transformational personal development & business course for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to change their lives so they can change the frickin’ world.

Yup! That’s how we roll up in here.

So what’s included?

Other than the exact training you need to connect more deeply with your truth, take control of your mind to change your life and launch a business to make a living doing what you love?

Well…how about some of this…

– 50+ step by step high definition training videos (brand new)
– A 100 page workbook and three incredible books you receive in the post (updated)
– 20 weekly live webinars with me! (all live)
– A two day live event in Manchester on 7-8th September (brand new format)
– Life time access to the course (naturally!)
– A money back guarantee (of course!)
– A private Facebook community (because community matters)
– Weekly challenges and activities (to keep you focused)
– …


I LITERALLY don’t know what else I could add to this course to give you the outcome you’re looking for.

OOooh how about a bonus course on how to vlog?!

And another one on how to build your very first WordPress web site?

Yer, I think we’ve got you covered!

So have a peek at the video, click the link to find out more and book your spot on DARETOGROW / The Online Course Cohort 10.

Your crew is waiting.

2020 is calling.

It’s time.

Come on in.



Oooh p.s. Yes, there is a monthy payment plan so you can join for £80 a month before 31st July. Amaaaazing!!!!