Cohort 8 Meet Up – Live in Manchester 2018

“And as we rounded the corner and crossed the bridge I burst into tears….”

Morning crew! Apologies for the absence. I’ve been recovering haha. This weekend I travelled to Manchester to run a two-day live event with the INCREDIBLE members of DARETOGROW / The Online Course. And it was off the chart…although not in ways you might think.

This wasn’t just an event. It was a moment.

A moment in time where dreams were formed.

A moment in time where friendships were made.

A moment in time where fears were faced.

A moment in time where we all dared to grow.

This is the biggest, longest event I’ve ever run – two days of training, sharing and pushing us all past our comfort zone.

And I loved every second of it. I think we shook the roof in Manchester that weekend!!


There were guided visualisation, meditations, talks, breakouts, training and of course the night out organised by a member of the course.

But the best part of it all were the stories I heard afterwards. The things people were doing because of conversations they’d had with each other over lunch and between sessions. The commitments people had made when paired off for an exercise. The tears shared, the ideas exchanged, the meet ups agreed. Argh it blows my mind.

Lisa Bean Speaker

Packing up, and leaving the venue – the wonderful Ziferblat in Media City – I felt an overwhelming SURGE of emotion. And as we rounded the corner and crossed the bridge I burst into tears. Floods of tears. It exploded out of me. Half exhaustion from giving it my all, half joy for how lucky and blessed I feel to know such an incredible group of people.

DARETOGROWThank you to everyone in DARETOGROW – in the course and beyond. We’re changing our lives and that means we’re changing the frickin’ world x x x x