How to market your business in 2019

The secret to producing mint content in 2019!

The secret to producing mint, high quality content that changes people’s lives??


(1) Document don’t create


As Gary Vaynerchuk says: Document don’t create. He’s had a massive influence on my approach to social media. Check him out and you’ll see. I’d class him as an online mentor of mine. He says it’s best to document your life and your journey, sharing inspiration along the way, rather than creating content about the learning afterwards. Wildly paraphrased lol but you get the gist. It’s about maximising the present opportunity.


(2) Repurpose your content like mad!


Repurpose your content and split it up in as many ways as you can. I always remember Matt Duggan of LeadGen Marketing & Design telling me that you can even export the audio from a vlog to make a pod cast! I’m not quite there yet hehe but I definitely love making mini clips of vlogs and taking screenshots to make quotes for my grid. You might think ‘but I’ve already shared the main piece of content and people have seen it’. Not true. Different people absorb content in different ways. And even avid fans like to dip in and out and can’t consume it all. Plus, when new people find you, they’re able to quickly scan your page and your grid to see what you’re about without delving into the long form content. Clever aye?!


(3) Outsource commoditised elements


Find ways to outsource the most commoditised elements of the process…like turning photos into quote graphics, like the sub titles, like the hashtags! I have a wonderful graphic designer for my graphics, I use for transcriptions and I use the hashtagger app to help me find relevant hashtags.


(4) Live a great life!!


If you’re always learning, growing and evolving you’ll never run out of stories to share, lessons to teach and wisdom to impart. Just document the journey.


(5) Make it your intention to inspire…


Make it your intention to inspire, educate and entertain people every day. Great content doesn’t happen by accident. Make it your intention to capture great content every day and use the little moments of waiting around…waiting for a client, waiting for a video to upload, waiting for your tea to cool down haha, to share the content you’ve created.


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