I’m so happy to be back in the swing of vlogging, even though it’s taking me a few takes to get back into the flow haha. But, that break over Christmas has done me the world of good. It has been a game changer. I now know that ENERGY is the key to making your dreams come true. And where does energy come from? It comes from exercising, it comes from the right foods, drinking water, it comes from getting enough sleep. And…of course it comes from feeling inspired and doing what you love. Plus a little variety. Okay, okay, I feel a blog coming on. But for now…

I know these are the first things to suffer when you’re trying to change your life or launch or scale a business but this is the challenge: how can we do those things AND continue to look after ourselves? The answer is to look to the pros and model their behaviour. In this vlog, I talk a bit about how I’m generating more energy and in a coming vlog, I’ll talk about where I got the ideas from…big clue: I model the behaviour of people who are getting results I want. If they’re sleeping, I’m sleeping. If they’re exercising, I’m exercising. If it works for them, then I’ll try it too.

Since sleeping more, exercising more regularly and eating / drinking better I look and feel so much better (if I do say so myself haha). But it’s true haha. I have more energy, I don’t look as tired, I feel more creative. There’s something in it…so in this vlog I talk about:

– How to start building exercise into your regime in 2018;
– What I’m reading at the moment for inspiration (and why I do this first thing in the morning);
– My morning ritual; and,
– The two books to buy if you’re trying veganuary this month.

Plus, I talk a bit about how I started building wealth in my life, why I’m rebuilding the DARETOGROW web site (it’s live now if you want to check it out) and which platform I’m using to host my massive online course this year. More on this soon.


– The DARETOGROW Mailing list – the Hump Day HOOORAAAHHH hehe

– The two cookbooks I mentioned – you can get both from The Works for only £9 whaaat. Totally worth it

I hope you enjoy today’s vlog. Thank you as ever for all your wonderful and inspiring comments and for sharing the vlogs with family and friends. DARETOGROW is a movement and together we’re changing the frickin’ world wahoooo!

Lisa x x



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