[VLOG 60] How I set my vision for 2018 – Feelings, Intentions and Goal Setting (in that order)

Are you ready to set a bold and compelling vision for your life in 2018? The vlog is back!! In this vlog let me show you what it means to set a compelling vision for your life and guess what…it’s less about ‘goals’ and more about ‘feelings’. How do you want to feel in 2018? What do you want access to? What would you love to be free to do this year?

When setting your intentions for anything – a year, a holiday, a meeting – it’s important to focus on ‘how you want to feel’ first. Goals don’t give you your dream life: feelings do; goals are a way to enable the feelings.

So how do you want to feel in 2018 and what goals can you introduce to make those feelings inevitable?

In this vlog:

– The best present I got for Christmas (I love it!!)
– How to set your compelling vision for 2018
– My own intentions – how I want to feel this year and what that looks like in goals
– What I’m making time for this year
– Why expressing yourself is so important when living a life of purpose

Remember, your compelling vision and your intentions take time to set. Don’t rush and don’t panic if they don’t ‘appear’ straight away. Watch what I do in the vlog…I just start writing and asking the question over and over ‘how do I want to feel this year’ and the ideas soon start flowing. Grab some pens and paper, clear the desk, make a fresh cuppa and really invest the time in asking ‘How do I want to feel in 2018?’, ‘What would a compelling vision of my future looks like?’ and ‘What must I focus on to make those feelings and that vision inevitable?’.

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