It takes time to change your life…but this will help! Have you ever tried a guided visualisation? They can be game changers when it comes to changing your life.


In a guided visualisation, you go into a deeply relaxed state and ‘go forward’ to a point in time where you’re living your dream life. In this guided visualisation, I ask you to imagine a day in your dream life in vivid detail.

Of all the things I’ve shared at events, this has received the most positive feedback from an incredible range of people so I wanted to share it with you here today to help you gain even more clarity over your vision for 2018.

It seems fitting seeing as the week is all about your vision for 2018! (Scroll down for link.)

Once you’ve completed the visualisation exercise, take the time write out (or draw) everything you saw, felt and experienced.

Then make three decisions:

(1) To make my dream life my new reality I commit to doing this one thing in the next 24 hours to get moving…

(2) To make my dream life my new reality I commit to learning this one new skill this year….

(3) To make my dream life my new reality I commit to introducing this new habit in my life…

Also in today’s vlog:

Let’s look at your vision in a little more detail but don’t rush! It takes time to define your vision and it takes time to change your life. Extend your timelines, focus on getting as much clarity as you possibly can on where you’re headed and then start to ask: “What do I need to do to make that vision reality?”, “What skills do I need to build to step into that role?” and “What relationships do I need to cultivate?”.

You can have, be, do anything you want in life but you have to do the work. You have to ‘grow’ into the person who can have and handle those things so let’s get to it! And this includes making time for sleep, exercise, good foods. Darn it!

I start remapping my online course (Make Your Move) for March 2018 and give you a sneak peek into how it’s coming together online. If you’ve ever thought about building an online course or even offering a free online course this will help you get started.







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Notes from the Universe cards I shared in the vlog – http://bit.ly/2lXp77s

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What did you experience in your guided visualisation?

What commitments did you make?

If you enjoyed it, please do take a moment to send this link to a friend so they can experience it too.

It can be a deeply inspiring experience so let’s spread the word.

Have an amazing day today.

Lisa x x

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