[VLOG #66] 55 Minute Productivity Challenge

So how DO you build your dream business and still spend time with family or keep your job?


The answer to this question is in your understanding of what productivity means. Productivity as an approach is misunderstood. People think it means ticking things off the list.

“I’ve got so much done today.”

“I’ve ticked so much off my list.”

That’s NOT what it means to be productive. That’s called being busy.

Being productive means knowing WHAT it will take to build your dream life and putting those activities to the top of your list. Every day. Everything else should be dealt with quickly, outsourced to someone else or dropped off your list entirely.

I first came across this idea in Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week. The concepts in his book changed my life. He wanted to free up his time to travel the world, to learn, to explore. So he set up a business that was mostly automated. But that’s not what struck me. What struck me in his book was that he said you should outsource anything you can, even down to cleaning your house. He asked what else you could do with that time? How could you be more PRODUCTIVE?

It really got me thinking about how proud we are to ‘tick’ things off our list and that a lot of what we do each day makes no sense. It’s admin, keeping us away from what really matters: what will really change our lives and change the frickin’ world.

Remember, the people you admire have the exact same amount of time in the day – 24 hours. What’s different is what they focus on and how they spend that time.

This vlog is well worth a worth. Me and Alice are trying a new technique to make the most of those hours – the 55 minute productivity challenge.


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