There really is only one secret to it all and it’s this: if you want to bring something into your life (manifestation), the key is to ‘experience’ the feeling of it now.


So if you want more love, be more loving and be grateful for the love you have. If you want to experience wealth, generate feelings of abundance by realising how much already have. All things manifest from feelings. Like attracts like. What you are you get more of.

When I was really broke, I never sat around focusnig on my debt and thinking ‘I’m so broke, things will never change’. Instead, I used to generate feelings of abundance by keeping a money box and filling it up each week and by putting £10 or £20 in my back pocket and walking into shops and looking at all the things I could afford with my money. It’s such a subtle shift but it’s so so profound.

In 2018, I’m applying that same principle…I want to feel free, happy, inspirational and energised. I can’t ‘wait’ for those feelings to turn up. I have to do activities now that will generate those feelings and things will grow from there.

For example, I’d love to have a dog and go running on the beach with the pooch in LA. Well, I can generate those EXACT same feelings by borrowing someone else’s lovely dog and taking it running along the coast.

Longing for something only puts distance between you and it. Bring it closer by finding a way to ‘experience’ a version of what you want now.


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