In today’s extended vlog, have a peek into a jam packed Facebook live I delivered to the incredible people on my online course, Make Your Move. We had a blast.

In the live, I shared the process I followed to change my life and make a living doing what I love and why it worked. Here it is…

(1) Read – learn new things, take in new information, learn new strategies, be careful what information you take in

(2) Run – get physical, get moving, command the energy in your body

(3) Release – release your art out into the world annnnd release who you ‘used to be’

(4) Repeat – accept that failure is an inevitable part of the journey and don’t stop until you make it


Squishing (love that word!) 1.5 hours of live content into a 15 minute vlog is quite tricky hehe so I’d love your feedback in the comments. Do you like seeing into the lives? Do you get some new ideas or inspiration to take away? Let me know and I’ll keep sharing parts of the lives.

Also in this vlog…

  • We take a trip to Whitby to film Alice’s dad and his band Tuppeny Blue (music video coming soon hehe) – https://www.facebook.com/TuppennyBlue…
  • I make a vegan Sunday dinner (oh my!! Delish!!); and,
  • Me and Alice try our hand at 1920’s fashion haha.

Enjoy and thank you as ever for all your wonderful comments.

I read every one.

Lisa x x x

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