What is your intention? Motivational Video for 2018

Brand new motivational video for 2018, guaranteed to get you thinking about what you want from life this year. And so the question is…What is your intention for the year? For the month? For the day? Because whatever you intend, you get. Now here’s a scary thought…if you don’t set your intention each year, each month, each day; someone else will set one for you.

Look around. People racing to work, pushing passed each other, always rushing from one place to the next. Are they going because they want to? Because they have an intention or are they going because they have to, because it’s what they’ve always done, because their situation demands it.

Imagine waking up without having to go to work, no commute, no rush, no ‘have to’, just ‘want to’, ‘driven to’, ‘compelled to’.

Most people are doing this commute absent minded – the same route day after day, month after month, year after year. They’re not in command of their mind, their thoughts. The mind is in control of them – replaying the mistakes of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow. Thinking about what’s coming up, what could go wrong. Anything but what’s happening right now in the moment. And then their emails ping or their phone rings, hurray – an emergency that requires my help! And suddenly the agenda for the day is set.

If not, it’s a game on their phone, it’s social media, it’s the news. It’s ads we absorb without even realising it.

We’re all looking: waiting for instructions, for directions, for a focus. We’re all searching outside of ourselves for a reason, for a catalyst, for an incentive.

But what if, instead, we started the day with a question: what is my intention for the year ahead? What is my intention for this month? What is my intention for today?

And what if we got up earlier than necessary and we took ourselves to a coffee shop to spend an hour working on that idea, that dream, that intention.

And on the way we used our commute to learn something new? To listen to motivational content?

And a day passes this way, and then a week, and then a year and suddenly that idea is now reality. That intention is now an outcome. That dream is now your life?

What if?

And this is why I’m asking you today: what is your intention? Because if you don’t set your intention for the day, the week, the month or the year, someone else will set one for you.

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