[VLOG 57] Why I need 5000 web page hits in March

I’m a bit nervous about sharing this vlog. I’m getting more and more candid about what I’m up to and what’s happening in DARETOGROW land, as you’ll see!

So, in this vlog find out:

  • Why I’m scared to share this on Linked In;
  • The new variation on ‘B Sky B’ in London;
  • Why my online course is so important to me;
  • Why I’m engaging a Facebook marketing expert; and,
  • Why I need 5000 hits to one page in February 2018. Plus, get a peek into what I took away from the half day strategy session with Matt Duggan from LeadGenSocial and find out my views on how long it takes to make a living doing what you love.

In this vlog:


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