[VLOG 59] Do not wait for perfection

You’re never going to believe this but I’m about to do something I haven’t done in five, maybe even six years…I’m going to switch off for Christmas.


Say whaaat!!!? Yup! It’s true. I’m going to down tools, release my goals and pause vlogging to spend time with my family, watch the entire Harry Potter boxset and cram in as many Christmas activities as I can – did someone mention ice skating?! So this could well be the last vlog of 2017… Harry Potter, hot chocolates and the fire is calling hehe.

Have a little watch:

  • To see what we got up to in Whitby;
  • To find out why it’s important to give up perfection; and,
  • To hear how I overcame one final fear in 2017 – I followed through on my Linked In promise!


I’ll be in touch before Christmas day but for now, I just want to wish you all the most magical festive season. If you’re in the zone and feel compelled to push on, keep going – I salute that! But, if you feel like it’s a good time to stop and pause then don’t be afraid to do that…and do it properly.

Stop, pause, wind down, sleep, eat, laugh and give your entire body a chance to reboot.

Sometimes, the rest is all we need to come back firing on all cylinders in 2018! I might share a few little ideas over the break but just in case I don’t, have THE BEST holiday with your family and friends! And thank you so much for everything you’ve done this year to change your life because you know…when you change your life you change the frickin’ world!!

I will see you on the other side!!!

Lisa x x x

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