[VLOG 257] Do you know what to do next?

Happy Tuesday Vlogworld. It’s our 2nd day in London and today we are engaging in what I like to call a ‘strategy day’; a day to focus on HOW we’re going to get from A to B.

Together, we are talking about our businesses and mapping out the next moves. Going through, piece by piece, all the action points that will bring our visions to life.

It is vital that you plan strategically what your next 6-9 months look like in business. Weighing up all the possibilities and then deciding on a clear path allows you to focus your resources, say ‘no’ to what’s not in plan and prepare yourself for the best and worst scenarios.

(and if you love stationery, there’s always a healthy amount of creative mind mapping involved)

Educate, inform, inspire – why are these key indicators so important when working on a business strategy?


–       Your business is providing something to someone that they don’t already have. They may not know they need it yet. It’s up to you to educate them on what you do and how it’s different to your competitors.


–       No matter how you get your content out there, you just got to do it. Inform your followers, inform your customers what you’re doing. Build up that trust and that relationship with them long before you offer a product or service.


–       What do you want your followers to feel? How do you want them to react to what you’re doing? Can you inspire them to take action long before they start working with you so they feel the impact?

As you’ll see in today’s vlog, we’re not just setting a plan, we’re asking: How can this run without me?

That is what makes a business sustainable and scalable.

Oh, and stay tuned for Lillia getting into her peak state. She’s a wild one.

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