[VLOG 256] Do the hard work TODAY!

What drives my hard work:
I don’t just think strategically in business. I have a whole life strategy and it goes a little something like this: Put in the work now that others won’t, to live a life in 2-4 years that others aspire to…and while you’re at it: Show everyone the entire process so they can do it too.
It ain’t punchy, but it’s good!!!
So many of us want different results in life. And we make short term changes to get them – the gym for a month, the early mornings for a week, the vlogging for a day. But, short term changes give you short term results. If you want long term change, it’s going to require long term commitment.
So what if you put off the reward just a little longer to make it even more special later? What if you worked just a little harder now so you didn’t have to work so hard later? What if you set a 2-4 year plan instead of a 2-4 week plan…and actually saw it through?
When I was in £100k of debt, slumped on the floor with depression, chocolate, Netflix and credit cards made me feel better short term but I knew what I really wanted was long term joy, ease, abundance. I wanted a fresh start.
This meant I had to take big, bold moves.
I read every book I could get my hands on.
I invested in online programmes to learn new information, new skills.
I flew to LA to see Tony Robbins live.
I ran EVERY day without fail.
I took cold showers to reset myself every day.
I worked my frickin’ butt off building a new online course.
And I kept at it for three years.
In order to make changes in life and business, you have to make the changes in your personal life first, and it is essential that you approach everything with a strategy: a plan for the long term. When you make a decision, think ahead and ask yourself; “how is this going to benefit me in 2-3 years’ time?”
Forward thinking is extremely healthy and you’re probably already doing it and you may not realise. When you purchase a dress for summer in the spring, that’s forward thinking. Ironing your shirts for the week; forward thinking. Bulk cooking, dammit that’s the most enjoyable forward thinking you can do.
So, you want an easy life? It IS possible. Do the hard graft now in preparation for the next 2-3 years.
Prioritise your time and put in the work up front.
It’s not a sacrifice. It’s just a reprioritisation for the long term.
People say just live in the moment, yes, perfect if you have 3 months left. But what if you didn’t? What if you’re going to live to 100? You would still need security and a roof over your head.
Don’t put off today what will give you an outstanding life tomorrow. It’s not really hard work, it’s not really a sacrifice. It’s an investment!
Get up and seize the day! Put in the extra work now not later. Go the extra mile, don’t quit. Put some credit in your future self piggy bank today and let it accrue instead of spending it all now.
The world ain’t pausing for us! It’s up to us what kind of life we lead. We can literally take action right now, today, to make it happen. I want to lead a life of abundance, joy, freedom, exploration. And so I will act accordingly and keep trying and learning and growing until I arrive.
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