[VLOG 251] REMEMBER, take a break…

Throughout all the buzz and excitement in the run up to Cohort 10, I like to [NEED TO lol] take a break from business, switch off and get into the expansive power of nature. So guys, join me in today’s Vlog as we’re having another calm and relaxing edition… This time it’s a bit more BLUE…!

So, it’s bright and early on Sunday and we’re off out into the cold sea at King Eddies beach in the North-East town of Tynemouth today.

Oh and Alice has somehow got me in a wetsuit…I felt like a walrus lol!

During busy times in your life, remember to take the time to get away from the computer, take a total and immersive break.

The more dramatic the better haha.

Get into the sea
Get into nature
Get out you head AND get in your body…

Let go of the need to be ‘on it’ for just a moment. Give up the drive and the ‘business owner’ in you. Hang out with friends. Eat the cake. Be a walrusehahahah.

Each and everyday is a blessing. Let’s say thank you by enjoying it.

So, thank YOU universe.

Comment below: What is your favourite way to switch off? Any recommendations.

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