[VLOG 238] A lush day in the offices

Me and Alice (my gf) live in Tynemouth. Alice LOVES the sea, the space, the village life. Me? I’m a city girl! The pace, the noise, the vibes. Give it to me baby!

Yup, I love it all!

So, when I started to build the DARETOGROW team this year, I knew what to do…

I took office space in Manchester and hired my first rockstar in my fav city in the UK!

Now, once a month, I aim to go through for a week to hang out, get me some city vibes, work on some cool stuff with my team.

Then? I come home to the beach, the sea air and my family life. (Often two audio books richer in knowledge!)

I’m telling you this because it’s your life! You get to decide. If you want to live in Manchester, move to Manchester. If that’s not possible, give yourself a reason to go through as often as you can.

This is same for cities abroad.

It’s the same for hobbies…

For example, if you love to paint but it’s not possible to paint at home; hire a small art studio and pack it with paint. Give yourself a space and a reason to go.

It’s your life.

You get to choose my friend.


P.s. I mentioned The Online Course in today’s vlog. Oh my!!! This is EPIC!!!

It’s my 12 week online course which I only open twice a year…and ** enrolment opens mid July ** with the live event happening 7th and 8th September. Mark your diaries…it’s coming…

Or just join the waiting list haha, and I’ll give you plenty of notice…

If 2019 is the year you want to uncover your purpose, change your life and make a living doing what you love…I’m ready for you. Are you ready for me?!


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