[VLOG 239] Please don’t give up hope

Earlier this month I was invited to speak on Jon Penberthy’s stage. I had been a member of his online Facebook Ads programme ‘Ad Value Inner Circle’ for 6-8 months and I was getting some incredible results, like £27k in sales against a £3.5k ad spend!


It was incredible!


I’d known about Jon for a long time. I’d been an avid fan of his online content and had learnt all I could from his free content before, long I could afford to join his course.


I remember thinking I’d meet him one day. I’d meet all the people who inspired and helped me on my journey. Not as some crazy super fan haha, but as someone who was doing something in the world; someone who was taking that knowledge and putting it to good use.


This month, that day came into focus…Jon invited me to speak on his stage and tell my story to his incredible audience. He asked me to share the biggest things I’d learnt about serving people online.


I couldn’t believe it…and yet I could…


Because I live by a moto: You can have, be, do ANYTHING you want in life. And there are just a few simple rules to making this come true:


(1) Set your vision! Most of us say: “If I can just make enough to pay the rent, I’ll be happy”. My vision? To build a world leading platform helping people to uncover their purpose, change their life and make a living doing what they love.


Having a vision like that demands more from you. It makes you ask bigger questions. It commands you take bigger action.


What’s your vision for your life? Take a moment to reflect on it today. Standing on his stage was part of my vision.


(2) Have a strategy. I like to think of ‘strategy’ as my approach – my general approach for getting from A to B. If I want to build the world’s leading platform to help people change their lives, how do I do it?


Do I focus on live events, pod casting, videos? Do I use Facebook ad spend or work with influencers? Do I make my own content or interview other people? Do I work towards PR or attempt viral videos? These are all questions I’ve asked myself in building my strategy.


I can’t do it all, and you shouldn’t try to. Just pick the approach that you think will work best AND that you will enjoy most in the long term.


For me, I decided to create the best free video content the world had ever seen…and do it on a daily basis (I’m still working on that part!). I decided to add insane value up front; to turn up for people long before they could afford to invest in my programmes. So that when the time was right, there was no hesitation in their decision to join.


(3) Break it into goals. I can’t build that platform in a week, a month, or even a year. It might take me five or even ten years to get close. So, I need to break it into much smaller, more approachable goals I can achieve this year. Like, can I build a team this year to help me deliver epic content every day? Can I refilm my online course this quarter so it’s bang up to date with all my latest thinking and techniques? Can I reach a specific number of people online this month?


Break down your vision into goals for the year, the month and the week.


(4) Take accctionnnn!!! It took me a while to get DARETOGROW off the ground. In the beginning, I had depression and I was in a lot of debt. But, my vision pulled me forward. And each day, I asked myself: “What one small step can I take today to bring me closer to my dream life”. Now, I get to spend a lot more time on my business but I had to work up to that.


Keep your vision strong. Set your strategy. Focus on weekly goals. And take action every day.


DARETOGROW / The Online Course [COHORT 10] is coming! Join the waiting list – https://daretogrow.co.uk/theonlinecourse/


To find out more about Jon’s epic Facebook ads programme, join his free webinar masterclass here – http://www.advalueinnercircle.com/registration_webclass


(P.s. I’m not on commission – this guy is amazing)