WOW, look at those views! When you’re running along the beach in Tynemouth, with the weather like this and the views like that it feels no different to being abroad.

And this is how I’m manifesting what I want.

I want to run along a beach in Ibiza with Sasha, and run home to our villa and hang out. I’m not waiting to generate those feelings in my body. I’m experiecing them now because remember:

You don’t get what you want in life: You get what you are!

And life is happening now.

This is how manifestation works. Find a way to generate ‘the feeling’ of what you want now, practice pratitude for it, hold on to your vision and act on the inspiation that comes up. Let it all expand and before you know it, that thing you want won’t be a dream: IT WILL BE YOUR LIFE! Wahooo.

Massive shout out to Rachel at Coast in Tynemouth today for being so lovely and letting dogs into her fab place. Best capuchino, best skinny fries in Tynemouth! Go and check them out 🙂

Oh p.s here is the link to the Hump Day Hoorah that I mentioned in the video… https://daretogrow.co.uk/hoorah/

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Have an AMAZING day everyone!!


Lisa x x