If I could give the younger version of me one vital, life-changing piece of advice I’d say:

Lisa, don’t ask your family and friends for permission on whether or not to jump and take that risk; on whether or not to follow your dreams and go after what you want; on whether or not to give up good for frickin’ fantastic.

Your dream wasn’t given to them, they can’t see it. And that’s okay. You can’t see theirs either and you’re not supposed to.

So forget what other people expect of you. Stop reading the news and magazines. Stop following the path of others.

Listen to your heart and express yourself.

Follow your passion and take action every day.

Be brave and launch V1.

Change your life. And you’ll change the fricking world.


Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Ziferblat for letting me come in so late to drink their tea, eat their biscuits and whip out not one but two tripods as if I’m on the set of a TV show! Thank you.