My mum always used to say to me: “Lisa, you can only do one thing at a time, so pick something and start there”.

She’d tell me then when I’d ring her in tears because I’d said ‘yes’ to too many tasks, too many meetings, too many things.

Even though it felt too late at that point – I was already over burdened and panicked – her advice always stuck with me. I would sit down to do one task at a time. And I wouldn’t let my mind wander. I wouldn’t think about what was next. I’d just focus on one thing at a time.

I still do!

I take the same approach in life too. Okay, so I’m not quite as strict on the ‘one thing’ rule and so I ask: “What three things will make a measurable difference in my life today, this year, this decade?”.

It’s important to ask this question because our priorities always show in our lives. If I’m busy and running around like a headless chicken, maybe I prioritised the ease of saying yes, or my fear of not earning money, or my need to please? This will show.

If however, I prioritise health and manage to get in those runs each week, then this will show instead.

Our priorities always show.

So what are you prioritising in your life and what three things will make a measurable difference in your life today, this year and this decade?

Have a fab day,


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