Want to sell out a coaching programme or online course or event? Press play on today’s vlog and join me and Alice for a Sunday in our lives and find out why you should ALWAYS give away your best content up front and for free. Oooh eeee!!

Plus, don’t just watch it, look at what I’m doing. Me and Alice are out having a day together but we’re building our businesses around our lives. Alice is sharing the day on Instagram (how good are her stories btw!!), and I’m capturing it on camera, because I’m vlog mad!

Don’t ‘wait until you get home to create content’.

Figure out your message fast, live a life true to that and DOCUMENT THE JOURNEY (props to Gary Vee for that one!). It’s the best way to build a presence and have an impact in this world with the way social media works today. It’s built for sharing, caring and connecting.

Massive shout out to:

Anonymous for the Voiceless – thank you for having a wee chat with us about what you’re doing. https://www.facebook.com/anonymousforthevoiceless/

Victor Ray and his beautiful voice! Melting! https://www.facebook.com/victorray09/

The Bohemian in Newcastle for our delicious ‘fish’ and chips. It was Tofu guys and it was amazing! https://www.facebook.com/thebohemiannewcastle?fref=ts

By the way, DARETOGROW / The Online Course opens for enrollment in 26 days. Make sure you’re on the waiting list for the incredible advance entry fee for ACTIONNNN takers. You will be very happy when you see this.


Have an amazing day everyone!!

P.s. If you know something, and you’re a step ahead of someone else, then you have something you can teach. Be bold and teach it 😉

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