To Find Your PURPOSE, Follow Your PASSION [VLOG 090]

In today’s vlog, come with me to Seaham Hall in the North East as we have a little chat about purpose and passion. This is where I was back in June 2015 reading a book that was to change my life FOREVER. In fact, this book changed my life so much that I now gift a copy to EVERYONE who joins my online course. It’s that powerful.


Today’s vlog is all about passion and purpose. I’m a big believer in purpose: we all have a unique purpose on this planet and what makes it unique is our journey; our unique story.


But how do you uncover your purpose? Where do you start with something like that? Well, the first step is to follow your passion; to do what lights you up. If you follow your passion it will lead you to your purpose.


I never could have imagined, three years ago, that I would have an online course and I’d be showing people how to change their lives through daily vlogs! I mean I didn’t even know what a vlog was and as far as online courses go, I had only heard phrases like ‘MOOC’.


MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and the phrase was very ‘in vogue’ a few years ago. I’m not sure why they had to call ‘online courses’ MOOCs. I think it alienated (and confused) a lot of people. I’m more a fan of ‘a spade is a spade’. An online course is an online course and that’s my product; that’s how I teach people to change their lives and make a living doing what they love.


Vlogging caught me completely by surprise. Do you know how I started vlogging? It was all down to Instagram. I started capturing little video clips and mixing them together on Instagram. It was so easy to do but looked so cool! I loved sharing behind the scenes as I changed my life and built DARETOGROW.


I became very curious and started seeking out other vloggers.


I started my first vlog just over year ago and started sharing them weekly. It was only in November 2017 that I asked myself if it were possible to do a daily vlog.


Since then I’ve become obsessed with videography, editing, cinematography and I’ve begun learning more from videographers and film producers than vloggers. The crazy thing is that DARETOGROW gives me the content and vlogging gives me the outlet. I never ever would have guessed I had a passion for vlogging. I just followed my passion day by day and it led me here.


And so the whole point of today’s vlog is to encourage you to follow your passion, whatever it is and no matter how random it seems. Do what lights you up. Allow yourself to indulge in what you love because it will lead you to your purpose.


After all, as it says in The Alchemist…What you seek is seeking you.



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In 2015 my doctor diagnosed me with depression and said I might be bi-polar. He offered me medication but it wasn’t the right solution for me. Instead, I went running, I stopped watching the news, I got into nature, I set a bold new vision for my life, I followed my passions and I started to express my truth. Just over two years later and I no longer have depression. I now live in Tynemouth, I still go running (now it’s along that gorgeous beach) and I make a living doing what I love: teaching people how to change their lives.


Also obsessed with dogs and vegan baking. Of course.




In my ‘daily vlogs’, I bring you behind the scenes as I continue to change my life and build my dream business. Each day I show you a new technique for changing your life, making a living doing what you love or building your dream life.


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