You know, one of the best ways to build and grow your business is to be yourself, live a great life and connect with likeminded people.

But too often we look to others to create the environment we need; we look to others to lead the way. But what if we created the environment for ourselves? What if we led the way for others?

A few weeks ago, I went to a traditional networking event. I was grateful to go along because I was excited to meet new people in Tynemouth. But I knew, as I left, that it wasn’t for me. My approach to life and business is just too different. I needed to be around likeminded people who were running at 7am, going to the beach with their dogs over lunch and building purpose led businesses.

Later that day, I went to Halo Nails and Beauty in Cullercoats and I was explaining this to the lovely owner, Angela. She said: “Ooh we should put on an event here!”. I replied with “Don’t joke! I’m there!!”.

A few weeks later, Angela put on the perfect event – teas, lovely purpose driven women and lots of chat about business annnnd life! I loved it. Thank you Angela, that is just what we needed!

And so the message in today’s vlog is this: if there’s something you want or need, start by talking about it and see how you can help bring it to life yourself.

Also in today’s vlog – lunch at the Boatyard in Cullercoats, hot choccies at Riley’s Fish Shack on King Eddie’s Bay and the workbooks for the DARETOGROW Live Experience go off to print! Hurray!!!

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