How to vlog using your iPhone! [VLOG 143]

Vlogging changed the game for me! I first started vlogging in 2017 to share my journey of change with people but I never expected the impact it would have on me AND my business. And other people!!

At first, I would upload a vlog every week to show people what I’d been up to, what I was focusing on next and how my life was changing. Then, for some crazy reason, I started to vlog almost every day! More recently, I’ve opted for 2-3 vlogs a week as I’m mad busy building epid new course content, wink wink.

So I got addicted to vlogging – in a good way. I challenged myself to share better stories, to making my ‘b-roll’ better and better, to learn new editing techniques. It’s become a major hobby for me and the major plus side is that it’s helped me to grow my business dramatically. Say whaaat?!

Instead of advertising in traditional ways, I take a much slower approach to building connections with people online. I share my journey. I answer people’s questions. I share valuable ideas and insights to help people on their way.

And then, when my big online course opens people already know what it is and if it’s right for them, and they know who I am and if I’m the right person to help them. It’s amazing the kind of people who come on to join the course and I KNOW it’s because of the vlogs and the journey I’ve shared.

Anyone can get into vlogging. Even if you’ve never picked up a camera before. The key is to get started with what you have: usually an iPhone and iMovie. I want everyone to give it a bash! And that’s why I’ve built this epic 10 part course teaching you how to film your first ever vlog series using your iPhone and iMovie.

It’s live now. Take a peek and if it’s right up your street, take a punt on yourself and give it a go!

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