Oooh I absolutely loved editing this vlog. There is something super ‘feel good’ about it. The summer, the beach, the dogs…and the hilarious workout.

I have to say here – thank you so so much to Helen our wonderful PT. Alice and I blissfully find ourselves holding space for lots of people to heal and grow (as I bet you do too!) and we need extraordinary people to hold that space for us too…again as I bet you do too!

Helen is one of those extraordinary people. Every Wednesday, she plans a fun but physical workout for us. She hangs out with us. And she just has a laugh. It’s our one hour in the week for rebooting through exercise and I LOVE IT. Thank you Helen…and especially for putting up with the extended family…aka Sasha and Betsy.

Anyway, I think you’ll love today’s vlog! Join me today for an epic (and laughter filled) workout, a monstrous filming session on the beach (get ready for Beyonce style shots of Sasha!) and find out what my next MAJOR goal is for the next 24 months. It’s pretty big y’all!!

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Lisa x x x


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