Have courage my friend | Vlog 73

In my experience as a coach, a friend and a human, I have seen one thing hold us all back more than anything else in life and in business…the fear.

The fear of speaking up. The fear of acting on our dreams. The fear of even trying; of daring to take that next step.

What underpins it all is a fear that we are not enough. That our efforts will fail. And as a result, we will be ridiculed and pushed out from our social group.

People will laugh. He will judge. She’s already doing what I want to do.

But have you ever stopped to ask: so what? So what if they laugh? So what if he judges you. So what if she’s already doing it?

The truth is that you have a gift, a purpose, a message and there is a group of people out there right now waiting for what you have to say.

To bring that gift to the world, to live out your purpose, to share that message you must challenge yourself to speak up. To take action. To try.

Because underneath it all there is only ever one choice: Act in courage or live in compromise.

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Lisa x x x