[VIDEO] How to get what you REALLY want in life…two step process

Hitting your goals never really feels as good as you expect. This is because it’s not reallllly the outcome you want: It’s the feeling you hope the outcome will bring that you’re chasing.


So in today’s video let me share with you an epic alternative to goal setting. One that will help you feel better and bring you more in alignment with the feeling you’re really seeking.


Here’s what we cover:


0.50 – Why hitting goals never feels as good as you expect
1.52 – What to focus on instead of goals
2.08 – How the Law of Attraction helps you get what you want
2.55 – A GREAT exercise for feeling better and getting what you want
4.03 – The truth about money
6.14 – A killer question to help you feel better today


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