[VIDEO] 4 Ways YOU Can Prepare for 2020: Entrepreneur Style

Hold up, hold up, it’s a NEW decade.


Yikes, that is exciting.


But all the more reason to set some out-of-this-world goals for the next chapter of your life!


Let’s start the New Year…and the new decade RIGHT to get ready for an amazing 2020.


There are about two months until the new decade, so in today’s video, I’m going to be looking at 3 simple yet effective ways to plan the next steps.


(1) Audit what has gone well


(2) Deciding what you’re going to PUSH forward


(3) And cutting out what no longer serves you.


You can do this in all major areas of your life.


For me that includes: Finances, Connection, Purpose, and Health.


For example, point 4 – Health. Health can be your mental health, physical health or spiritual health. Areas where I PUSH my health forward include journaling every night and having an abundance money diary that allows me to track the abundance that flows to me every day! A free coffee, a gift from a friend…that sort of thing.


I want you to do the same, think about those main areas in your life and audit, push and cut.


And for juicy bonus points, think about setting deadlines and bringing these goals into focus. Ask yourself: What major project do you want to finish? It might be the first video you make, it might be getting your first product or service ready to sell, or even clearing a space in your home for an office so you to be more productive.


You have the power to change your own life and the more you do now, the more of a headstart you’ll have in 2020.




Let’s go! Achieving your goals: https://youtu.be/_7EUo7qRTjg


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